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Epinions or Advertisepinions??
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boomer54 Original Post: Jul 27 '10,  5:05 pm           Reply
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Epinions or Advertisepinions??

Logged on today to see what the world in general had to say about a Beautyrest plush top mattress mi esposo and I purchased from an outlet the other day....WOW...what a disappointment Epinions was. I logged in, found the tab 'home & garden', then put the mattress description in and...VOILA! 365 repetitive STORE ADS with links to them. How utterly disappointing. Epinions didn't used to be like this. I didn't log on here to shop! I logged on here to get honest, uncensored opinions from all you other jaded multitudes out there who desire to wade through the millions of bogus claims on the millions of products and services out there-- to hear some truth! Heavy sigh. Epinions obviously sold their soul or are under new, not improved, management. Color me disillusioned.

pvreditor Posted: Aug 13 '11,  8:34 pm           Reply
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RE: Epinions or Advertisepinions??

Yeah, many of us feel your pain. Epinions search function is notoriously terrible at finding what you are looking for, so it is usually better to search using Google or Yahoo. Use this syntax in the search box on Google or Yahoo:

beautyrest turbo z site:epinions.com

Replace "beautyrest turbo z" with whatever the name of the product is, and be sure there are no spaces between "site", the colon and "epinions.com". That is usually a much better way to search than to use the search function on Epinions.

Epinions has been promising for two years that very big changes are just around the corner. We're all still waiting, with various levels of patience. We have been promised repeatedly that the search function will be much improved in the new version of Epinions. Whenever that happens.

Epinions is really good for getting consumer opinion. It's just that sometime you have to dig for the information. Or write a review yourself.

Thanks for stopping by!


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