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Getting Rid of House Flies
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amylynn1 Original Post: Jan 12 '06,  8:36 am           Reply
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Getting Rid of House Flies

Hello! I have a horrible problem with houseflies. We live in the mid-west, and we have had a very mild winter. Each time the weather warms up a little bit the flies come into our house! Last week when I returned home from work I killed 278 of them. (Yes, I counted!) That is the worst it has ever been... but it's getting warm today and I'm afraid to go home. :) I have been taking the vacuum cleaner and sucking them up. I also have sprayed all of the windows with Home Defense. Now when they land on the windows on the inside they pretty much die within a few minutes. I want to keep these flies out of my house! Any suggestions??

lorace Posted: Jan 12 '06,  11:21 am           Reply
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RE: Getting Rid of House Flies

Amylynn, Thanks for your post and know that we share the problem with you.

In fact, we have quite a string going on this very problem, so you might want to check it out.


Thanks, hope it helps,


tutti46 Posted: Aug 30 '07,  8:31 pm           Reply
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house flies

I am looking for help with houseflies too. I live in calif and we get them as soon as the weather gets warm. I have never been able to figure out how they get in my house. I had the exterminators out and they just say we water too much but I don't think that is it. We do have dogs and try and keep everything clean but my husband and I probably kill 50 each a day. Now today was real hot and we didn't have many but the last few days it's unbelievable. I'm ready to lose my mind, I am buying and trying everything I can.
Has your problem gotten better with the spray ?

amt77 Posted: Jul 29 '08,  3:03 pm           Reply
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Flies that hover/Flies appearing from nowhere


My most frustrating problem is how are these flies getting in the house? The doors and windows are closed and I will kill a fly and then 10 minutes later there is another one buzzing around the window. This can go on from 3-6 p.m. every hot sunny summer day. We live in the chicago area and NEVER had flies in the house until we had Central Air installed and I came home that day to about 50 flies... it's been 4 years since that installation and every summer, the flies come in the house several a day in the summer months, they appear to be "green bottle flies". This is driving me crazy since I can't figure out how or why they come in (they don't even go near any food or the garbage cans in the house - they only buzz the windows) but now that I work at home, I can't get anything done because I keep having to get up to chase the next fly...and the next one and the next one..
ANY insight at all on why this would be happening would be such a relief!

ocres Posted: Aug 05 '08,  9:53 am           Reply
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how are houseflies getting in?

I have the same problem! Every year when it is hot, and particularly when we are cooking, we find houseflies appearing inside our home from nowhere (doors and windows are closed). We must have had about 60 yesterday! I keep thinking they are coming in through a draft diverter or a vent. If anyone has any ideas, I'd appreciate it as well!

jacquieo Posted: Nov 12 '09,  9:27 am           Reply
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Hi! I live in England and have problems with flies also! They only appear on the 2nd floor of my house. They only appear in one room. There are no garbage cans or any fool whatsoever. In fact it is only used as a spare bedroom/office. Each time I go up there, there are about 20 flies all dead. I have vaccuumed twice already up there today!!! it is really getting me mad. The doors are closed as is the window. They seem to die and fall just under the window. When they are alive, they buzz by the window and they seem dopey, as I have to practically shoo them out. This has been going on for the past five years that I have lived here !!! It seems to mainly happen in the Autumn when the weather is cooler. Any ideas??? If I don't get it sorted by next Autumn, I'm moving out!!

poppyj Posted: Nov 21 '09,  4:15 pm           Reply
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me too!!

Me too!! I've just moved into a 1st floor flat in England and it's been empty for a few months. We found 20 dead flies on the living room floor the day we moved it! The next day we found 4 live flies and the windows hadn't even been opened! Help!!

freddiedoc1 Posted: Jul 15 '11,  11:02 am           Reply
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RE: how are houseflies getting in?

I live in a rancher and everything is closed. I bake and cook a lot and whenever I do I get big green flies flying around my house. They usually go to the windows and fly around. Yesterday I had about 30 of them betn 3-6 hrs. and I chase them with Windex w/Amonia and they die instantly. What a nusance they are and I have no idea where they are coming in from. The Air Cond or vents, etc., so how do we stop this?

harthame1 Posted: Aug 19 '11,  6:26 am           Reply
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green flies in house

I had this problem as well. This what I figured out.

I had to stay home from work and sit and watch carefully to find out when the first flies were showing up to determine the entry way. Turns out they were coming in one by one, through the sliding screen door. The screen was slightly off track, and there was a small space at the bottom corner outside. They would come via the screen and then work their way through the outer workings of the areas of the sliding doors finally into the indoor panel.
They are small and get into these spaces. What did I do? Well, I sprayed them with listerine, that had a little water mixed in. Listerine (the mouthwash antiseptic) in a spray bottle of my own. This kills them, but wont hurt you. Then I went outside and sprayed more listerine around the edges of the sliding glass doors, and the original spot they were entering. Also got the screen aligned again. Recap: Sit and watch as the day begins...kill as they enter until you find their edge....seal it up....and then spray with listerine as a deterent as well, because they have found an attractive path..that now has to be made unattractive. Stay vigilant and keep watching for any reentry until you know they are detered and or blocked. They follow each other so watch the behavior of each fly, see where he first enters or lands..and know others will follow him later.
Praise God!

dorfnworcciv98 Posted: Sep 19 '12,  1:16 pm           Reply
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Stinkin house flies

Hello, I have a 5 year old two story home and a real house fly problem. I live in the mid-west and from late spring to late fall (first hard freeze) I routinely have flies in my house. I always find them in the windows since they're drawn to light. I confirmed they aren't getting in through windows or doors. I went as far as having the windows replaced (the original windows were really energy inefficient - I didn't just do it because of the flies).

I had professional pest control come out and they verified there wasn't any decaying animal in the walls responsible for the flies but they couldn't pin point how they're getting in. The flies seem to gather on the the south-east side of the home. I'm guess that's because there's a lot of sunlight there. Nothing has changed as far as home construction, repair, or upgrades that coincides with appearance of the flies. I'm beginning to think they're getting in through an exhaust fan vent but that's just a guess. Any help from anyone would really be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

theproreview Posted: Sep 20 '12,  8:42 pm           Reply
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Cluster Flies

Hi folks,

Given the descriptions I'm reading, at least a few of you may be dealing with Cluster Flies. These flies are typically (but not necessarily) associated with rural areas.

How do you know if they are cluster flies?

They are big and fly in sort of a slow lazy pattern. They are usually found in a room that isn't used much. When a room has a bunch of them there is a clearly noticable sort-of-sweet-sort-of-nasty smell.

I had them in a couple of rooms in my home in rural Maine when I moved in. Once I was educated it was fairly easy to get rid of them.

1) Do Not Swat! Smooshing cluster flies puts more of that scent in the air. Even if you can't smell it, they can. That smell attracts more cluster flies from a long ways away. Your best bet is to vacuum them up. Do it often.

2) Ventilate the room. Get some air flow in there to reduce the scent as much as possible.

3) Check secluded, difficult to access areas of your home. Cluster flies hibernate in secluded areas. In between walls, behind the oil tank in the basement, etc. They can be hard to find, but if you do find them a hit of insecticide (raid, etc) will wipe them out easily. It is very possible that most of them are outside and just make it in by chance. A cool night or three will cause these flies to seek shelter, and they are very good at finding tiny gaps to get inside.

4) Don't panic. Cluster flies are not major carriers of disease. Their presence does not indicate rotting meat (dead mice in the walls, etc) like some other houseflies. They are actually parasites of earthworms. If you have a lot of them it is probably an indication of good rich soil. Start a vegetable garden!

5) Use the room, or at least don't shut it out. When I moved into my house, the two non-master bedrooms had cluster flies. The previous owners basically just shut these doors and never opened them. Once I learned about the habits of cluster flies I simply left these doors open and vacuumed up the flies I found every day. Within one spring season, problem solved. Now these rooms are the bedrooms for my two little boys. They are in regular use, well ventilated, and cluster fly free.

Really cluster flies are the most polite of house flies. They stick to under-used areas and leave once it is made clear they are not welcome. In cold weather they may be a bit more of a nuisance, but by following the above steps you will get rid of them in no time.

pvreditor Posted: Sep 21 '12,  11:58 am (Updated: Sep 22 '12,  2:56 am)           Reply
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RE: Cluster Flies

Quote: theproreview
4) Don't panic ... They are actually parasites of earthworms. If you have a lot of them it is probably an indication of good rich soil. Start a vegetable garden!

I had to laugh at this... it's the classic "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade" advice. Well done!

And overall good advice, too.

mepooooo Posted: Nov 02 '12,  2:17 am           Reply
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I also had the same problem. When I was on holiday I called pro-s. They put something maybe poison and the flies disappeared. I am very happy now. It was big problem but now we don't have problems with the insects.

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