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Yellow Mobile Home Ceilings.. Alternative to Painting
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LILvoyce Original Post: Jan 21 '06,  8:45 pm           Reply
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Yellow Mobile Home Ceilings.. Alternative to Painting

When we first got married we purchased a double wide mobile home. Over the years with most of my family who are smokers, the ceiling have become an awful shade of brown. We are in the process of selling the home now as we have just purchased a brick home. I wanted top dollar for my mobile home and knew with the brown ceilings we were not going to get as much. Many people are non-smokers and won't even think to purchase a home if they know it had been occupied by a smoker.

We had re-painted all the walls. and were ready to recarpet. I wanted to tackle the ceiling problem before the carpets were installed. The problem with this is that on the ceilings were plastic stripping covering the seams of the ceilings. We were afraid to take them down, and also afraid to paint over them. I was not able to find these stripping to replace in case I were to end up with a huge blooper of a mess from painting.

One day I had noticed a discoloration near the lighting in the kitchen caused from a light bulb. I took a chance and sprayed the ceiling where the stain was. I used a product that contained bleach in its ingredients. WOWEE.. to my surprise it not only eliminated the stain, but now I had a bright white area where the stain was which made the rest of the ceiling really show that it had turned brown.

What did I do? My hub uses a spray container, the kind you use for spraying your lawn. He had the idea to use this on cleaning the outside vinyl rather than investing in a pressure cleaner. He would spray down the vinyl on the outside of the house, wait a few minutes then rinse with a hose. I was shocked at how clean the outside of the house could get without a pressure cleaner. I had the idea of using his sprayer to spray a large area of ceiling at once.

I ended up investing in a waterproof tarp, 10 gallons of bleach, a mask, and some goggles. I put hub to work. He opened all the windows in the home and then sprayed down the entire living room and kitchen using bleach alone. It took him two days. One day he sprayed the kitchen and then the next the living room. He placed his sprayer on fine mist. He worked quickly as to not inhale the fumes of the bleach. We left the home overnight to air out from the fumes.

I must say, that our ceilings look brand spanking new. They were ceilings with that popcorn type look to it. I bet it would have been a pain to try and paint over the popcorn ceiling. I guess I won't have to find out. We saved a bunch. Thankfully this worked beautifully. Other than having to work quickly to avoid the fumes, this was a quick project taking less than a half hour total. I probably would not have done this treatment if I had placed the new carpeting in prior. I did not notice any bleach stains on the older carpet from the bleach. We covered the carpeting well. I suppose we did not need to, but I did not want the bleach soaking through to the base of the floor. Actually not that much bleach hit the tarp as he used a fine mist.

I have had a ton of compliments on what people think is a freshly painted ceiling. They are wondering why the popcorn ceiling does not have a painted look to it. It really brightened the place up.

pvreditor Posted: Jan 22 '06,  7:46 am           Reply
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RE: Yellow Mobile Home Ceilings.. Alternative to Painting

Interesting tip... thanks for sharing!


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