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GE Reveal Lightbulbs
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epinmetoo Original Post: Apr 30 '06,  8:57 pm           Reply
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GE Reveal Lightbulbs

Has anyone tried out the new Reveal lightbulbs from GE? I came across a box and was amazed how bright the light was. The room looked like it just received a makeover. It looked cleaner, whiter, more vibrant. I know they are a bit pricier than others, but they do have a money back guarantee. My question is before I invest in doing the entire house, anyone else tried them? do they last a long time/burn out easily? Do you agree or disagree? Thanks in advance.

gamblin_man Posted: May 01 '06,  2:05 pm           Reply
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RE: GE Reveal Lightbulbs

I have seen these when I was buying light bulbs. My hand has even hovered over them before moving on. I will add my request for experience to yours. If you find out more elsewhere I would personally appreciate you bringing the information here.


pvreditor Posted: May 01 '06,  8:19 pm           Reply
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RE: GE Reveal Lightbulbs

Are these the incandescent light bulbs that have a bluish cast to them? If so, I have three of these for my bathroom vanity light and I'm impressed by the quality of the light. It's a very natural color temperature. I use them with a dimmer and they are used only occasionally, but the light they make is whiter than the usual yellow-orange that you get from regular incandescent bulbs.


trailsider Posted: Nov 24 '06,  10:30 am           Reply
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Reveal bulbs

I use these and the Sylvania daylight version almost exclusively. They last about the same as a typical GE bulb, but the lighting difference is amazing. I usually stock up when I see a sale and use the frequent coupons from handyman magazines.

diane_hiltner Posted: Dec 04 '06,  4:23 pm           Reply
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GE Reveal light bulbs

We just finished our basement and have 12 cam lights. We bought regular flood lights and they were so hard on the eyes (my eyes are sensitive to light) that I couldn't take it. The guy at Lowe's recommended these bulbs and they are amazing. The light is cleaner and warmer and not so harsh, and the paint on our walls looks as it does during daylight. I never knew there was such a thing as these bulbs, but when our bulbs burn out in the rest of the house, we are replacing them with these!

mperlst216 Posted: Feb 19 '11,  8:17 am           Reply
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Very short life

Although we like the quality of the light the Reveal produces, we have been very disappointed with the life of the bulbs. I would say they last 1/4 the life of any other bulbs we have ever used. I would say we get 250-300 hours of use from them. They are more expensive to begin with, and the short life makes them about 4x the price. I am constantly replacing them. No more. We have switched back to the lower priced traditional bulbs. In fact, we have switched to the double life bulbs house brand from Walmart.

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