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My favorite ski resorts
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dennyoh Original Post: Feb 17 '06,  5:17 pm           Reply
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My favorite ski resorts

My Favorite Ski Resorts

1. Snowmass/Aspen/Aspen Highlands – three awesome resorts within about 8 miles of each other, all on one lift ticket. They are generally less crowded due to distance from Denver and its limited flat land nearby for development. Great terrain choices of the steeps of Hanging Valley Wall at Snowmass and all the steeps at Highlands. Blue cruisers on each mountain, but endless miles of them on Snowmass. The best views I’ve ever experienced are available at all three resorts. You can see the Maroon Bells from any of these resorts, and Pyramid Peak from and the Bells from Highlands.

2. Snowbird – heart stopping steeps and 500 inches of snow per year. Last time I was there we had great powder/packed powder all way down from the top – over 3,000 feet of vertical – steep and deep from the edge of the cirque to very bottom, and there was no fresh snow that day! Dropping in the Cirque is a unique experience. It wind-loads with tons of snow and doesn’t get enough traffic to pack it down too hard. Fun terrain all over the mountain. No tram ticket required – ride Gadzoom and Little Cloud and ski across Regulator Johnson to cut into the Cirque – or go the other direction to Mineral Basin.

3. Vail – Back bowls, doing laps on chair 5, or dropping in from the top of Game Creek bowl to do Ricky’s Ridge in Sundown Bowl. On the front side, doing the Rim runs and then the lift line under the Northwoods Express chair. Don’t miss the little chutes in the tress off of Gandy Dancer. How about jumping off Iron Mask or Lovers Leap in Blue Sky Basin, almost as much fun as the cirque at Snowbird. Lots of blue cruisers for the geriatric set too. Want bumps? Go to Beaver Creek and do Perrigrine or the other birds of prey runs – 2000 feet of bumps, then do Grouse Mountain a few times.

What are your favorites, and why?

tch7 Posted: Feb 17 '06,  6:38 pm           Reply
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RE: My favorite ski resorts

Tough one...

1. Kirkwood (California) - The lifts sucked, but the hill had some awesome untracked powder through trees and boulders, making it feel very much like backcountry skiing. There were also very few people, whereas the nearby resort of Heavenly was unbearable because of the number of people. As a resort, Kirkwood's not worth remembering, but that one day was the most fun I've ever had on the slopes.

2. Lake Louise (Alberta) - Most of the resorts in the Canadian Rockies have good scenery, but this one's got the best. Absolutely gorgeous. The snow can get a little icey, but the lifts are good, the day lodges are nice and have good food, and although it can get busy, you never feel too crowded and have a lot of terrain available to you.

Couldn't tell you what my third favourite is. Kimberley (British Columbia) is a good contender, but it's got close competition from Sunshine (Alberta/BC). I've only been to Vail and the other hills around there in the summer, but it looked like some good terrain that I'd like to try out some day. The problem with a lot of the hills in the US is that they're relatively pricey, so I to prefer to stay close to home.

mrkstvns Posted: Mar 07 '06,  12:52 pm           Reply
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RE: My favorite ski resorts

1. Alta --- Awesome mountain, huge snowfalls, lots of narrow chutes through the trees, rustic atmosphere, purist attitude, LOW prices.

2. Nobody comes close to 1.

3. Park City --- Huge amount of terrain with something to challenge anyone at any skill level.

4. Killington --- I don't remember if I liked the huge number of runs more than the apres ski quaffing of vast quantities of locally made Long Trail Ale, or if it was the other way around...

5. Canaan Valley --- Alright, alright, I know it's lame next to 1, 3, 4, *but* it's the best in the mid-Atlantic region with tons of snow on good years, plus cross country in the area and lots of natural wilderness and parklands surrounding it.

mrkstvns Posted: Mar 17 '06,  7:10 am           Reply
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dream ski resorts....

I've also always wanted to take a ski trip in August down to one of the places in Chile or Argentina. Someplace like Las Lenas...

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