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"Auto Save" on Sdc a Feature or a Bug?
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popsrocks Original Post: Sep 30 '10,  12:24 pm           
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"Auto Save" on Sdc a Feature or a Bug?

What exactly is "Auto Save?"...and how is it supposed to work.

I was writing a guide this morning. I went to "Save as Draft". Nothing happened. I waited and clicked again, still nothing. I had to move on to other business. Later when I came back it still would not go in. I opened another window to Sdc and found that the guide was there in "Auto Save." Cool I thought. I opened the guide, continued on and again had to put the work to the side. I clicked "Save as Draft" again and it went right through.

I just went to open and finish the guide. I find the original Auto Saved work there but, none of my addition! It was frustrating.

Why would my additional work NOT over ride the "Auto Save at that time.

Thankfully, I do find my additional work, that I just added, saved in draft now.

Did I do something wrong? What should we expect from it and when does it kick in?

Anyone have experience with this as a Feature or a Bug?


ladyconsumer Posted: Sep 30 '10,  12:38 pm (Updated: Sep 30 '10,  12:38 pm)           
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RE: Auto Save

Hmmm... I didn't know there was an auto-save mode. Maybe it's something new? Maybe it's still being tested?

I'll have to play around with it a bit, see how it works.

Perhaps Damon/Turan could drop by here and let us know about this bug/feature.

Freak369 Posted: Sep 30 '10,  11:31 pm           
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RE: Auto Save

Do you ever get the feeling that no one really knows what is going on. Like, things appear then disappear or we switch from www2 to www4 to www.whatever. It would be awesome if there were a weekly update so we could know what works, what doesn't work, what to avoid doing and new features. Even if we are guinea pigs doing grunt work, working with blinders on usually results in an epic fail.

jump_chump Posted: Oct 01 '10,  10:13 am (Updated: Oct 01 '10,  10:22 am)           
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RE: Auto Save

From the product document:

8. Auto Saving

* 8.1. When users are still editing spotlight pages, we should automatically save the latest version of spotlight pages, so when user loses the content for any reason, they can still find the page from their My Shopping.

* 8.2. Every 5 minutes, save a snapshot of all the content users typed

* 8.3. Auto saving is only enabled for draft spotlight pages, or pages that have not been saved yet.

* 8.3. When users close browser of the spotlight editing page, the auto-saved spotlight page will be displayed in their MyShopping page, under "draft" spotlight pages. We will label the spotlight page with "(auto-saved)" on MyShopping page.


I just tested this feature by starting a guide (added a title and some text), opened another browser window to my member profile page, and waited a few minutes. On reload, my member profile page showed the guide saved as a draft.


epi eng

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