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Attention trainer system
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bonniesayers Original Post: Sep 04 '04,  11:26 am           Reply
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Attention trainer system

I just read a newstory on this video game - Play Attention that seems to work for kids on the autism spectrum and those with ADHD. They use the same technology to train NASA.

"Have you ever wondered why a child can sit and read about their favorite sports hero or movie star for hours, but can't concentrate on schoolwork? That's where The Attention Trainer comes in. Designed for school-age children, it uses special video games to teach attention skills.
Much more than just a video game.

Itís an interactive tool for the computer that can help children learn to control their levels of attention. That's because while playing these specially adapted games, a child wears a fun gaming headset. Inside are sensors that measure levels of attention and transmit this information through wireless technology to the special software in the games. This software allows the games to provide immediate feedback about a child's attention levels. And, over time, the child learns how it feels to focus and develops the skill that can help him or her concentrate."

It is pricey - $899. but sounds interesting.




Anyone familiar with this or seen it being used? I think I am going to do more research and see about getting funding for it to try with my kids.


mizgnomer Posted: Sep 29 '04,  3:28 pm           Reply
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Sounds like a GREAT idea!

It is pricey, but if it works it would be SO beneficial.

I'll keep my eyes open for any further information on it. If you do end up with one please give us updates.

Thanks for the tip!

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