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Blue Cello
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zbassman Original Post: Mar 24 '06,  5:17 pm           Reply
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Blue Cello

I recently stripped down an old beat-up cello that was fairly crappy to begin with. I then painted it blue with white trim, bleached the fingerbaord white and all that good stuff. Basically, my problem is that I'm sort of attached to it, but I'm thinking about selling it. I wondered if anyone who may or may not have some expertise in this area could tell me what they might pay for something like this if they wanted to buy it?

pvreditor Posted: Mar 24 '06,  8:03 pm           Reply
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RE: Blue Cello

Cool... a blue cello! It's pretty quiet around here but maybe someone will have an answer. Generally, an instrument with a fine restored finish will have the most value, so a cello painted blue will not be the most desirable. But you never know... good luck!


pearannoyed Posted: Mar 28 '06,  10:25 pm           Reply
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RE: Blue Cello

I guess if you find someone who wants an interesting piece of art or someone who wants an istrument to play in a rock band you might find more takers than if you're trying to sell it as a quality instument. Things like the finish affect the tone quality of an instrument like that - I'd think that paint would cause reduced resonance and therefore strip out some of the character from the sound.

Truthfully, if you want to get the most for it, walk it around to some art dealers and see what they think. If you had an artistically painted chair or a fabric covered case to match it might be the sort of thing that could end up in the corner of someone's parlor next to the baby grand that nobody plays :)


vara Posted: Apr 21 '06,  3:51 am           Reply
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RE: Blue Cello

A blue cello? How much?

zbassman Posted: Jun 06 '06,  11:50 am           Reply
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RE: Blue Cello

That was my question. I have no idea what to ask for it. I'm not exactly a business person. I just did this project for fun after spending a few years doing repair jobs for the music department of a local school. I do it as a hobby so I usually only charge for whatever I spend on the repairs.

ra64 Posted: Jan 04 '07,  12:49 am           Reply
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Probably not worth much

The paint/finish will definitely effect the tone of the cello. Some people say they can tell a difference when using different kinds of polishes on the finish.

If its a "beat up" student instrument (most likely) I'd guess its not worth much. Maybe a few hundred dollars.

If its a more expensive instrument you greatly reduced the value by painting it.

The exception is, as mentioned, would be if you could sell it as art, not an instrument.

If you’re attached to it, I definitely suggest keeping it yourself.

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