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New Amplifier Suggestion
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mr_newbie_lp Original Post: Oct 07 '06,  8:32 am (Updated: Jul 04 '11,  3:43 am)           Reply
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New Amplifier Suggestion


pvreditor Posted: Oct 07 '06,  2:21 pm           Reply
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RE: New Amplifier Suggestion

You might take a look at the Fender Blues Junior Combo Amp. It has a tube input section and a single 12-inch speaker. It's small and should be okay for practice and small gigs -- it's rated at only 15 Watts, though. The price is $400 at Guitar Center.

I've had good luck with Fender amps over the years, although I've not used this one. You can do some good research at www.guitarcenter.com and www.musiciansfiend.com.

Good luck!


subject_x Posted: Mar 25 '07,  9:09 am           Reply
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RE: New Amplifier Suggestion

I'd recommend the Fender Hot Rod Deluxe.


1x12, 40 watt tube amp that's loud enough to use just about anywhere. I've been using one since '99, and it's given me zero problems.

Plus, how can you beat that sweet Fender tone?

quarternotes Posted: Apr 04 '07,  6:09 am           Reply
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with A name

Berringer is not well known as an option, but for the price, they have a great half-stack about as much as you want to spend. Crate is expensive, but It doesn't take much to get what you want out of these either. Combo's are the best option, they cover the Whole ballpark.

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