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I ordered from superbdvdsets.com A+ Service!
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itsthemovieman Original Post: Sep 06 '07,  10:03 am (Updated: Sep 06 '07,  10:07 am)           Reply
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I ordered from superbdvdsets.com A+ Service!

I'am sorry to hear that you all are having problems with that website. I have ordered 3 DVD boxsets from superbdvdsets.com and I got my order within 10 days. The DVD boxset are authentic imports and comes as pictured on the website. And they wasn't no cheap copies either. Very high quality authentic items. I plan to buy more in the future probably near christmas. I must say I was very impressed with superbdvdsets.com Just thought I would let you all know after reading all these post.

waitingtodvd Posted: May 22 '08,  10:47 am           Reply
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Superbly slow DVD sets

If you order from SuperbDVDsets, be prepared for superbly slow service.

It's been 13 days and counting since I made my purchase and still no DVDs. I've written twice to ask when they shipped, and when it should arrive. No info, despite the website saying they track every shipment. The second reply said my order "had been completed." As any seller knows, the order is not "completed" until the consumer receives the merchandise.

omoomo Posted: May 25 '08,  6:22 am           Reply
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RE: Superbly slow DVD sets

Have you received your order yet? I placed an order for Monk Seasons 1-5 back on May 12. Like you, my order states "Completed" on their web site. However, I've been waiting 14 days, AND STILL NO DVDs! Their web site promises, "All our items are shipped within 24 hours of your order via United States Postal Service. Time in transit varies by shipping location but usually requires 5-7 days for shipping with 2 days to process order. We do add tracking with signature required to all our packages for your safety and ours."! But I mean, come on!! 14 days?? Considering their service promise of 7-9 days, this is NUTS!! :-(

hamish5477 Posted: May 27 '08,  8:37 am           Reply
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Customer service phone #?

Does anyone knows superbdvdsets.com customer service phone number?

Superbdvdsets.com is absolutely ridiculous! I ordered Ally Mcbeal set on 05/10/08, which is the date the company charged my credit card as well, but still no dvds as of today, 05/27/08. It's very frustrating that this company doesn't even have the phone number to call..

waitingtodvd Posted: Jun 26 '08,  2:18 pm           Reply
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No phone or mailing address

You're right! There's no phone number or mailing address posted on the SuperbDVDSets.com website or on the invoice. Who sells stuff, and doesn't give the buyer basic contact info? Should have looked more closely before I bought!

shetechnic Posted: Sep 09 '08,  1:43 pm           Reply
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I ordered from superdvdsets.com and they are bull!

You won't recieve anything from this so called company and if you do its going to be illegally burned dvds!


I have filed formal complaints with the better business bureau along with the FBI.... you can do so through this site as well......http://complaint.ic3.gov/

I hope not many have fallen for this companies website as it is very dissapointing.

addiesdaddyii Posted: Oct 23 '08,  11:30 am           Reply
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RE: Superbly slow DVD sets

Did you ever eventually get your DVD's? Unfortunately I ordered before I saw this website.

canucbc Posted: Nov 29 '08,  11:26 am           Reply
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superb dvds

I am having issues as well and can not get a response back by phone or email. The charge was applied to my card 12 days ago, but I received no confirmation that the order is on the way. I just got off the phone with my credit card company and they were able to place a hold on the payment. Since I do not receive my order in the time frame the site guarantees, they are able to reverse payment. The paperwork is being sent to me this week. Hopefully, this helps others with the same problem.

buttsy Posted: Dec 01 '08,  6:33 pm           Reply
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Superb DVDs my A$$

Received email confirmation that my order was processed on 10/14/08... That was just the confirmation that I in fact made an order. Not one reply to my many emails since. OVER 6 WEEKS and no Dvd set. I wish I had read this page prior to ordering.

No Phone# on web site, The live help button has never been live.... Always says " Off Line ". I contacted my credit card company after 4 weeks and they told me I would have to wait 60 days from the actual posting before they would step in? Not sure what that means but I hope it will refund me? They said it was a standard grace period in case the shipment is enroute... Ya Okay. I will definately post hear again when I get a resolution either good or bad.

candygril Posted: Dec 02 '08,  1:28 pm           Reply
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orders@superbdvdsets.com - FU

Oh my gosh I feel like a sucker in a Candy Store - I'm the first one to tell someone to make sure if you order something on-line make sure they have a phone number or some type of number you can call. What a retard I am. I ordererd Shark Season 1 - 2 from this website for one of my bosses last month - and still I have not received anything. The "live chat" they show on their website is never opened.

You have to send them an email in which they do send you an email - but when you click on the link provided by them I get an error message. No real person, no nothing.

For those of you who got your movies - I'm happy for you.

For those of you still waiting and/or haven't received anything yet like myself - GOOD LUCK!

I guess I'll pay more and shop at Amazon.com I feel sooo stupid!!

bushdude Posted: Dec 11 '08,  12:48 pm           Reply
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I get the prize for slowest service!

I reserve judgment on whether they're super or not; it's going on a month now and I still haven't received my order -and it was only going from Michigan to Illinois. The poor schmuck must have drowned in Lake Michigan after having already walked so far. Not a single reply from Superdvdsets and the contact number doesn't work.

murphball Posted: Dec 15 '08,  5:51 pm           Reply
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djimpact1 Posted: Dec 16 '08,  7:12 pm           Reply
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Unsuperb experience - research on Superbdvdsets

This site has helped me tremendously. Like most of you within the past few months, I also ordered a DVD set in mid-November as a Christmas gift. I waited the max 14 business days, and still did not receive my item. Since there was no phone number, I was forced to contact them via their shady "Contact us" page.

I received an automated message that I'll hear back from them within 24 hours of submitting my message. Over a day later, no phone call or e-mail. The next day, I looked up their company on the Better Business Bureau's website, and they (unfortunately yet thankfully) state that upon their invesigation in mid-November (mind you, the time when I placed my order...great) due to numerous complaints, the business was untraceable.

The phone # the BBB had on file was disconnected, and the address they had record of is apparently a postal annex. Plus, I noticed that the BBB has record of them located in Tennessee, yet my auto-generated invoice from their site says they're in Michigan. SHADY!

So I called my bank the next day (I used my debit card linked to my checking account to make the purchase), and told them my situation of ordering from this company, never being contacted, and never receiving my merchandise. I also told them of my findings on the BBB's website, and printed their report & my invoice & shipping/return policy along with a copy of my message to them, which I brought to the bank later that day.

My bank generated paperwork based on my situation (took 5 minutes, and they did all the work), I signed for it, and they sent it off to the department that deals with this. They said as long as they find what I found, within a couple of weeks, the full amount of the invoice will be credited to my bank account.

My bank and the BBB's website, along with this one was very helpful. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND to everyone else who did not get their merchandise to contact their bank/credit card company and file a claim, and print out their invoice/any e-mails/BBB report like I did. Any reputable bank/credit company will investigate and should credit your account for merchandise not delivered. I hope this helps.

NOW, how to get that website down for good!

djimpact1 Posted: Dec 19 '08,  10:00 am           Reply
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More Unsuperb developments

In addition to my last post, here's an e-mail I just received today from Superbdvdsets:

"Hi we are so sorry. We have lost our database and or backend crashed so we were unable to see the orders. We are in the process now of getting everything back in place and your order will be shipped on Monday. once again we are very sorry for this unforeseen circumstance.

We are working around the clock to get orders shipped out ASAP and all orders will be shipped by Tuesday. Our backend of or website crashed and now we have recovered all orders, this is why your item has not been shipped or communication made because we were unable to see emails. We are very very sorry for this and are working around the clock to get orders shipped out.

If you did indeed contacted your bank then please reply to this message and insert the word bank so that we may know.



Ah, horrible grammar. Here's the mark of an unprofessional and probably one-person company:

"We have lost our database and or backend crashed"
- and/or backend crashed? Do they not know what happened?

"once again we are very sorry"
- The true sign of a professional e-mail...starting a sentence with a lowercase letter!

"Our backend of or website crashed"
- Hmm, I'm guessing they intended on saying the backend of OUR website, and not OR website. Hey, at least it's still a valid word, right? Nice proofreading.


chu22ck Posted: Dec 23 '08,  11:16 am           Reply
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Superb DVD Sets

I made my order on 11/21 with no response as of yet to any of my emails. I contacted my bank and they too are investigating. I tried to put a note in the testimonial section and of course it says that all comments must be approved before they can be posted. I guess that's why the last one that was approved is from September.

exfrustrated Posted: Dec 23 '08,  9:52 pm           Reply
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Extremely Frustrated

Ii ordered TWO Baby Einstein box sets on the 26th October and I have still not received them! I started thinking maybe this site is a scam so did a search for complaints and found this page! I really hope mycredit card company can reverse the charges! I have also tried to contact them about 4 times and I get no reply. Next time before I order from an unknown online company I will check to see if there are any complaints!

abs225_85 Posted: Dec 31 '08,  10:38 am           Reply
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I ordered the bones box set from this website in the beginning of october and here it is end of december and i still do not have my dvd's.
I also tried to contact the company through thier web site and thier number listed and have had not one response at all from them. I spent 70 dollars at this website and am very displeased.
If any of you have another option for me to try in order to get ahold of someone at the company i would be gratly appreciative.

fraudhater Posted: Jan 08 '09,  12:07 pm           Reply
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This website is a scam. It's fraud. I got my money back after ordering a $225 disney box set for my kid. I researched the contact info and it's all fraud. This is a scam. Don't wait for your package. It's not coming ever. I got my money back from CC company. Do the same. I also reported to the Internet Crime Complaint Center. Also use www.lookstoogoodtobetrue.com. to eduacte yourself.

kimpoob Posted: Feb 22 '09,  3:39 am           Reply
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not very happy

I placed an order to superbdvdsets.com on 1-3-2009. I haven't seen my order but they billed my credit card. I've tried to contact them and got no reply. Next time I won't try and find a bargain, I'll just spend more money to a company that is reputible and cares.

mikieson Posted: Jan 14 '10,  4:11 pm           Reply
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they took 125$ from me

I ordered the FRIENDS COMPLETE DVD BOX SET back a couple yaers ago.....countless calls, emails, and even instant messaging and still nothing. I hate them and if I could have found them, I would have beaten them with a ball bat. I hope the jac^&ss read this. I have been scared to order offline since from anyone other than big name stores...I hope the absolute worst for them in every conceivable way possible.

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