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InfinitiPhoto.com Scam
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julioxx Original Post: Aug 24 '05,  9:54 am           Reply
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InfinitiPhoto.com Scam

Do not buy from InfinitiPhoto.com. They are running a scam. I ordered a Sony DSC-1M yesterday and received an email (attached) saying I needed to call them and "confirm" my order. I had feeling before I called that it was a scam. Sure enough, the guy asks me "What kind of battery do you want with that?" What?!? No battery? (BTW, I double-checked their web site, the product specs describe the lithium battery twice.) I laughed and told the guy he was running a scam. He said I should complain to Sony and started rattling off an 800 phone number. Then I said, "allright, I will take it without a battery and find a battery somewhere else." He didn't like that. Clearly he was going to lose money on the camera at the advertise price if he couldn't sell me the battery or other over-priced accessories. So he then feigns hurt feelings for being called a scamster and I asked if he could just cancel the order. "I already cancelled it" was his reply.

Do you think their accessories are overpriced??? Case in point, Infiniti sells a no-name 512MB memory stick duo for $249, TigerDirect sells Sony-brand equivalent for $99.99, other brands are cheaper.

--------------- Infiniti's Email ---------------

Dear [my name], order # -xxxxx

Thank you for your order:
We have received your order but for verification purposes please call us at 1800 593-0026, Ext. 232or you can try us at 718 627 6066, Mon-Fri from 11:00am(est)-8:00pm(est)Sun 11:00am-6:00pm in order to process your order
thank you.

Thank you.
I look forward to hearing from you soon.
ted, ted@infinitiphoto.com

Product Name Unit Price Quantity Subtotal
Tax: $0
Shipping and Handling: $17.58

Total: $359.5

[ Billing info followed ]

honestvideoguy Posted: Nov 16 '05,  4:50 pm           Reply
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Infinitiphoto IS bestpricecameras

I was looking for a GS400 camera and, naturally, stumbled on infinitiphoto.com with their impossibly low price. After reading online about what a scam they are, I decided not to order from them and found another webpage with a great price, bestpricecamera.com. Low and behold, I got the SAME sales guy from the other place. I told him that I talked to him at infinitiphoto.com and he told me that he never heard of them. I thought I might have miswrote the numbers and names, so I went to the infinitiphoto webpage and checked.

I called him back and told him that my 30-second search showed this to be the case and I was "accidentally" disconnected. I called back again and, after an apology, I was quickly--within seconds--transferred to another sales person who told me that "Ben" was busy with another call. I called back Ben's extension several times and he didn't answer.

I was told at one time by a sales person that they had 250 sales people, and another time the number was 75--and yet I managed to get Ben on more than one occasion. With this kind of luck, I may have to play the lottery! He told me that all the negative reviews online were from competitors; How he was certain of this, I am not sure.

When I finally got through to him the last time, he said that they were affiliated with infinitiphoto but were different companies--something too ridiculous and confusing to follow. I said, "When I asked you before, you said you never even heard of infinitiphoto." He literally used an excuse that was equivalent to when our government uses, "national security" to avoid dealing with an issue.

Earlier he had said to me, "Look, all I can do is give you my word." Back in the day, that used to mean something. To the unscrupulous, it is just another sales technique.

PattyTherre Posted: Nov 17 '05,  3:15 am (Updated: Nov 17 '05,  3:17 am)           Reply
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moderator in Sporting Goods, Outdoor Gear, Online Stores & Services
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His word...

His word is worth about as much as these bait and switch websites.

I am checking to see if this website is in the database. If so, you should write at least an express review (under 200 words) to warn consumers of this site's tactics. I will be back with info on how to do do that if I find the site in the DB.

If we all write reviews about these places, people will see them and will be warned and, hopefully, will avoid these types of sites.

By the way, there already is a thread for this website further down. I would appreciate it if you could move your posts to that thread and I will delete this one so we have just one thread for the same site going. Otherwise, the boards get all clogged with duplicate threads. When you copy your posts to the existing thread, leave a message here that you did so I can delete this one, please.



cassiemunga Posted: Nov 23 '05,  1:40 pm           Reply
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RE: www.bestpricecameras.com

What a crock these guys are....ordered a DVD camcorder for $539. Online order went thru. Said nothing about camera not being available. Well 2 weeks went by - no camera. Decided to call - they said they tried to contact me (did not)and that the camera was backordered and would be available in 2.5 weeks. OK. so this would be 12/5/05

So I call today to check - no the camera will not come in until after Xmas now. But they do have a full kit for $779 that they could ship right away.

Told me that what I ordered was OEM, no battery, no manuals, just the camera. The webpage does NOT state that - not one place! What a rip off - Camera was a "lost leader" to get me there and order a kit.

Will NEVER do business with them and hope others will not too.

Do not order from Best Price Camera www.BestPriceCameras.com

threshershark Posted: Nov 30 '05,  2:36 pm           Reply
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Post: 35307

Add www.expresscameras.com to the list of scam photography sites. It's the same process - you place an order, get an e-mail asking you to call and comfirm a while later, and then comes the experience of dealing with the weasles. They tried to sell me everything from memory cards to freeze dried turkey giblets, and when I insisted that I just wanted what I ordered, I was told "okay" and saw an e-mail 10 minutes later stating the merchandise was backordered and could not be shipped for at least a month. Watch out, and be leary of sites that offer considerable discounts over the market rate.

phillegg Posted: Dec 26 '05,  5:14 am           Reply
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Post: 37639

This is the same company as those mentioned above. My experiance:
Bought lowest found priced Canon DV camcorder at website. After 2 days, company called and asked what size battery I wanted with this camcorder and gave me $70-$130 price range. I was told battery is not included in cost when I asked where the battery was that Canon put in the box at the factory? Said 2 types of kits are sent to authorized sellers, with and without battery. I chose lowest priced battery, instead of cancelling, because the price was still lower than anywhere else. 3 days later, after seeing money gone from my account $95.00 more than authorized to seller, I called and was told there was an extra fee for shipping the battery in the box and also an additional insurance fee for the battery. The whole package weighed 2.0lbs for the camera, manuals, accessories and battery and was all in one box. I am contacting Mastercard about this practice and also the BBB and New York Attorney General about this fraudulent practice. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM or their related "shell" company names. They are crooked dealers!

kenlb Posted: Dec 26 '05,  10:45 am           Reply
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Post: 37645


Well it seems BestPriceCamera.com can reach lower. They billed me $500.00 and never sent me anything. I had ordered a Canon Rebel XT body and knew that was what I was going to get. Two days before Christmas the item never came so I called to cancel. “Victor” was my rude sales guy/manager. He told me the item never shipped and billed me anyway. Hope my credit card company can help me out.


jschwieg Posted: Jan 05 '06,  8:23 am           Reply
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Post: 38491

Wow, I wish I read this first. I ordered a camcorder from Bestpricecameras.com and got the same sort of response listed above. As "Adam" continued to try and upsell me everything and the kitchen sink for the camera. He became more and more belligerent the more I refused his generous offers. I don't think my amusement at his ordeal helped the situation any. I told him to quit or he'd lose the order. When he didn't, I cancelled. For anyone considering using these guys, beware.

madylyn Posted: Jan 18 '06,  1:57 pm           Reply
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Post: 40153

I wish I had come looking at these posts before ordering as well! I ordered my Canon 20D in one of the kits 10 days ago, got a confirmation call 2 days later with the guy trying to sell me batteries. I was like, whatever, just send me the cheaper one. Then I thought about it, looked around and found them cheaper elsewhere, called the company back and cancelled the batteries and the guy was kinda snotty, like how are you going to use the camera? And I told him I found a better price elsewhere. So going on over a week now, I haven't been charged for it, no other emails, nothing. I call them today. Oh well that's backordered 2-3 weeks. I was raving. I told them I was lied to and that I was very unhappy with the service and to cancel my order. It took me a couple times telling them to cancel before they did. Now I worry they will still charge my account, so I'm keeping an eye on it. Stay away from them!!!

tsharp9 Posted: Jan 20 '06,  9:33 pm           Reply
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Post: 40629

I had a similar experience with bestpricecameras.com. Adam was the ripoff artest I dealt with. They called me two days after placing the order. He wanted to confirm my credit card. Then he informed me that the camera didn't come with a battery. He wasn't happy when I told him I didn't want to order a battery from him. He then told me it would ship in 2-4 weeks. I hung up. Called back in 5 minutes and told ADAM I wanted to cancel. He said its alread done. Amazing these guys can stay in business. Hopefully we can get the word out and shut these guys down.

mirandalynn Posted: Feb 17 '06,  1:29 pm           Reply
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Post: 45412

i got scammed too. i worked for a large internet provided for a number of years, then for a large computer mfg company. i thought i knew better when it came to shopping online. i feel like such an idiot. i *found* the nikon d70s kit on bestpricecameras.com for an insanely low price. blinded by the sales price, i ordered it. i rec'd an email stating that i would need to confirm the order, etc. they called me on a sunday morning to confirm it. they *sold* me a battery (i thought it came with one) and never did give me a total price, but i was half asleep so i didnt catch it. ffw 4 weeks, i tried to call them during stated business hours becuase i hadnt heard anything about my order and my emails had not been returned. after fighting with the phone system i got a recording saying that i had reached them outside of business hours. even though their web site states the hours and i was well within. i never did get ahold of them, but about a week later 2 charges showed up on my credit card for a total of about the same as what the camera would have cost. one of the charges is for a walgreens on the other side of the country from me for $535. how in the heck do you spend $535 at a drug store?!?! i think they took my credit card number and used it for other stuff. not only are they scamsters with the product they sell, but possibly theives too. be super careful shopping online. like i learned, if its too good to be true, it probably isnt real.
-feeling scammed and other yucky feelings, miranda

phinsup Posted: Mar 03 '06,  10:19 am           Reply
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Got scammed by these con artists too

They are a complete rip, guy calls me up asks me if I want an extended battery and quick charger for $30 more, I say ok, try's to sell me an extended warranty, i say no. They go ahead and add it on anyhow, ship it, original price ordered was $265, price charged to my carad $407.

Total scam, they will just hang up if you call them and ask them for an RMA number.

AVOID bestpricecameras.com at ALL COST

froggy92130 Posted: Mar 17 '06,  9:39 am           Reply
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bestcamera again

Just got scammed also with a Panasonic PV-GS300 advertised at $489 on their web site.
I paid a total of $869.99 for a non-existing "deluxe package" and a supposed "optional" Battery and Charger.
Can't return the camera. They never replied to my calls within the "7 days".
Too Bad, the camera is great.
Nobody has filed a complaint with the FTC yet?
Why not make a joint complaint and take these crooks out of the market?

mahamuni Posted: Mar 27 '06,  8:23 am           Reply
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Post: 50909

Hi everyone,
Thanks everyone for making an effort to write about bestpricecamera.com website. I wanted to buy the projector and their prices were insanely low, so I decided to check up on them thru epinions.com and what an eye opener it has been.
Thanks everyone for posting and giving your honest opinion.

callmechaz Posted: Apr 10 '06,  5:46 pm           Reply
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Bestpricecameras + Genius Camera ??

I knew if I checked here y'all would validate my suspicions about BPC. I mean, the Rebel XT at $130 below the best discount price anywhere else! Sony 50" HDLP at $300 below.

Thanks for the heads up. Otherwise, when I skipped over the ridiculous price, I would always have wondered..."gee, maybe it was just an overstock sale".

When I called them, I asked if they have (XT's) in stock. They said "No, but we will get them within 10 days."


Apparently thay make more money this way than by completing a normal sale. This is obviously a business model that works for them, but it is based on customer ignorance. Thanks to all of us for educating one another and hopefully the masses.

Anyone know if Genius Camera is one of their satellite companies? They also post the same price, and the web-link site indicates the XT is not in stock at their store.

gman78 Posted: Apr 12 '06,  11:01 am           Reply
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One of my mates just ordered for me a Sony T9 camera on www.bestpricecameras.com .The price looked more than interesting (wondered why) but I figured the company/website looked pretty serious. Later on , Infinity photo called my mate to ask him if he wanted to purchase a battery and a charger, cuz the camera doesn't come with it (????). My buddy called me then to say that the price went up from $315 to $509. What the *%@£??
Today I found your website where everyone agrees that this company is a big scam. I freaked out!
So I called my mate telling him to cancel the order, block his credit card.
He called Victor (not Ben, or maybe this is Ben too!?) at Infinity Photo. The dude refused to do anything pretending that the package was shipped already.
Then I called them and here's what they do. According to "Victor", this company buys tons of products from Sony, Canon.... that's why they are so cheap. On the flip side, items come one by one, so there's NO RETAIL BOX (which always includes a battery, a charger...).

So to sum it up, what you buy is ONLY the item you see on their website. Don't expect to receive the same box that you'd find in a retail store. They sell packages that you can upgrade (or they make you do so).
Finally, the more items are shipped to you the more expensive the shipping gets!!!!
After 30 min of discussion with Victor, he decided to refund $50 (the new shipping price) on my buddy's credit card. I should get it on Monday. if not you'll read me soon!

All in all, go buy somewhere else! such as B&H camera.
Good luck and think twice. And thanks to everyone who writes on their stories (shorter than mine!)

G-MAN (France)

bavarian72 Posted: Apr 18 '06,  10:55 am (Updated: Apr 18 '06,  10:56 am)           Reply
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BestPriceCameras Scam

I have to agree with everyone of the above opinion. Unfortunately their prices seemed to good and I bought after all. Here is my story:

I have bought a Canon EF70-300 USM IS from this joint and though I get a good deal (for soem reason I did not reserach their rating prior to buying from them like i normaly do). The lens was listed at $519 and I would receive a free tripod, lens cleaning kit, and LCD cover protector. When I was gone, they called my wife at home to "confirm" the order. Well, they did their usual tactics and upsold my wife to an order of 729.99, which includes a 3-piece hi-res filter kit, a lens pouch and a 5-year warranty, as well as a hood. Beside the fact that I would not have wanted all this, I thought to check out the deal at B&H Photo and they came up $35 cheaper. Well, I received the package 4 days later and received the lens, the warranty, the filter kit, and the pouch. No tripod, cleaning kit, LCD cover or hood were in the box. I tried to contact them several times but no answer. I went to B&H and quote the stuff I actually received and bestrpricecameras "overcharged" $120. I probably never see any of the other items based on experiences that other people had with them.
If the deal seems better than any place else, it is.....
Their practices are boderline criminal and I will investigate my further actions to make sure they get closed down

My debit card was just charged for $98.96 from a company who verified my credit card info at a Brooklyn cell phone. Somebody authorized several credit cards under that same phone number.
I was a little surprised to find out that the only time I used my card was at bestpricecameras.com who is based in Brooklyn. They are not only crooks, they also employ them. DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY OF YOUR CREDIT CARD INFO AND STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!!!!!!!!

scamwiser Posted: May 01 '06,  3:22 pm           Reply
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RE: bestpricecamera.com

Wow, I really wish I would have known of this website prior to my business transaction with Best Price Camera. I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau against BPC and strongly recommend others to do the same. BBB does not have the authority to enforce retribution or repayment but unless some one else has a better idea the "black mark" from the BBB is a start.

If any one knows of a way to file a claim against this company I would be glad to hear it. I can not believe there would not be some type of safeguard against a company like BPC. Is there some way to place a complaint on their website for others to see prior to them doing business with those scam artists?

PattyTherre Posted: May 01 '06,  8:45 pm           Reply
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moderator in Sporting Goods, Outdoor Gear, Online Stores & Services
Post: 55685

The Attorney General does have the authority to get your money back. Find out who yours is and get a hold of him or her ASAP.

You will get action fast!


ghoyt Posted: May 04 '06,  12:24 pm           Reply
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Best Price Cameras is a Scam

I owe a ton to you folks here on Epinions.

First I tried PCandPlasma and got the same experience as everyone else. The price was too low and the guy was incredibly rude and pushy. I asked him why the TV was so cheap(the Sony KDSR60XBR1 Grand Wega which is supposedly being sold at $2599.99, a whopping 2Gs below retail). He said it was the Taiwanese version that lacked the US warranty. I was like "well that's good to know because your website says nothing about that." After pushing him for a while he said "Well you dont really want that one anyway because it has Taiwanese menus and you wont be able to read them. I mean, I've worked in commission sales and know that there are different selling styles but my lord! I was like "well, were you planning on telling me that somehow before I ordered it online?" It says nothing about this on the website! The guy literally sounded like he was in a room like the one from the movie "Boiler Room" where young commission driven stock monkeys are pushing junk stocks under extreme pressure. This stuff is a reality.

So I dumped them and I called BPC who had a mysteriously similar low price (I mean when two "companies are within $20 of each other at 2Gs below retail, come on!) and got a similarly slimy New York scamster. I mean literally, it might have been the same guy in the same room or at least another guy, probably a friend of the other guy. I call and he answers "Hello?" and I say "I wanted to ask you about one of your TVs." "Which one?" and then I told him and he said "What about it?" and I said well is this the US version with the US menus and he says "yeah, just like you would get at Best Buy, so can I place your order?" Wow. Talk about a quick sale! He couldn't even spend 20 seconds answering questions to make a 3g sale.

I agree with the other member that suspects that they are literally in the same office (or basement) together.

I am going to find out how we can bring a suit against them or get them shut down. I will be working at the Texas Supreme Court next year and will be able to figure this out. The building is closer the Attorney General's office as well. I can't wait to call these guys and tell them that they are about to get shut down.

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