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Entertainment Rewards **SCAM**
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magicmuzicman Original Post: Aug 29 '05,  11:12 pm           
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Entertainment Rewards **SCAM**

On July 23rd, 2005, I purchased tickets from ticketmaster.com. I delayed a family outing just to purchase these tickets the MOMENT they went on sale. I completed my transaction, got to the confirmation page, recorded the transaction number, closed my browser and joined my family waiting for me at the door.

On Aug 26th, 2005, a charge hit my credit card from Entertainment Rewards for $9. I called the TOLL FREE number on my credit card statement to find out who they were and why they were billing me. They claim I signed up for their service and that I must have forgotten. They claimed I clicked on a link on the confirmation page at the end of my ticket purchase from ticketmaster.com. I disputed this claim. I recall that days events because it was a special day. I even checked my DSL modem log and there was no internet activity AFTER my purchase. Entertainment Rewards then provided me with my home address, my email address and claimed I provided it to them. I disputed this as well. I KNOW I didn't.

What Entertainment Rewards DOES NOT know is that I am a computer programmer and Web Master. I know how to use a computer, read a modem log and setup my email. By law, they must contact you before billing your credit card. ER claims I must have a SPAM filter that prevented me from seeing these emails. THIS IS A LIE. I know this because I have 6 months worth of emails and I do NOT have any SPAM filters.

I sat on hold for 2 hours and 17 minutes until they finally picked me up. I eventually got them to cancel this unwanted service and refund my $9. They were rude and kept claiming I made a mistake by signing up when I reminded them I did no such thing.

They bank on the fact that most people forget the details of what they did a month (or more) ago.

They bank on the fact that alot of people are not computer skilled or have modem logs.

They bank on the fact that MOST people have some sort of SPAM filters on their email.

They bank on consumers not watching their credit card bills closely. Well, they ripped off the wrong guy. I CAN PROVE IN A COURT OF LAW EVERYTHING I AM SAYING.

What I discovered today is that ticketmaster.com and Entertainment Rewards are owned by the same company. Yup, they pass info from one company to the other and are likely scamming MANY consumers without their knowledge. Tickemaster.com has millions of customers and their credit card numbers. I believe with all my heart that they are taking a percentage of these transactions and billing them for Entertainment Rewards accounts without the consumers knowledge or consent. I know, because I am one of them.

I would be willing to join a class action lawsuit should any lawyer want to persue this and bring these thieves to justice.

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