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I'm hosting a write off
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jo.com Original Post: Dec 11 '04,  11:13 am           Reply
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I'm hosting a write off

This is on my profile page:

I am hosting a write off

The name of the write off is Get Active in 2005. PLEASE BEFORE you click me off keep reading. I realize not every one can be active.
However in the two categories in which you should write - Sporting Goods and Outdoor Gear - there are plenty of topics that don't require activity. For example: Does your child have a bike? Then you can review it. Does he or she have a bike helmit? Maybe you never thought about reviewing your child's bike or helmet. Maybe this is out of your comfort zone. The New Year will bring a challenge for you.
Other ideas if you are not active: Sports Bras - lots of women wear them even though their exposure to sports is on television. Well review yours.
Therer are various watches, walking shoes, and sport team pillows. Many people own backpacks even if the only things that go in them are books or diapers. So what! Review it. Great..now for the details.
If you are planning on participating, let me know. I'll add your name below. Once the review has been submitted, send me the link and I will add it beside your name. Dates: You have an entire month to think if 2005 will bring a bit more activity into your life and perhaps review something you got as a gift that shows that. You can start submitting on December 12. The last entry will be accepted on January 12. Of course we want you to keep writing in these categories but...sigh...your name won't go on my profile page to be clicked on so get to it now! Thanks for considering this write off. It will be fun and challenging. jo

jo.com Posted: Dec 12 '04,  5:45 am           Reply
Reviews written: 1929
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First entries

Heavy Duty Utility Rope by mcmaster

Butt Blaster by jo.com

mcmaster Posted: Dec 12 '04,  7:52 pm (Updated: Dec 12 '04,  7:53 pm)           Reply
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Thanks for

hosting this W/O. A great way to get more folks into writing in this area! I have also been writing some reviews for the Lean-N-Mean W/0. It would be neat for our category to post at least ten in the W/O. I think we have about six now. The W/O last until Dec. 15th. Have a look and crank out a couple of reviews for the Get Active in 2005 as well as the Lean-N-Mean III W/O.

Lean-n-Mean III


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