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AAA Roadside service
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Bryony Original Post: Apr 26 '05,  2:45 pm           Reply
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AAA Roadside service

It was during the late '70s that I first joined AAA roadside service. The price was 27 and, so far as I know, the number of times per year you could use the service was unlimited.

Now the member cost is more than double what I first paid, and I got a threatening letter the other day that said members were limited to four incidents per year or seven in two years and I'd be ousted from the service if I needed the service more than once more during what's left of my membership.

I have thought for some time that this decade will be known for its greed. It's apparent everywhere, from AAA roadside service to eBay sellers who charge as much in shipping and handling as you pay for what you've won in an auction to doctor/dentist fees to grocery prices (when was a pound of butter EVER worth $5?). What can anyone name that can be bought for less than $1 (and that includes $.99)?

AAA has jumped on the bandwagon of squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. Is anyone as tired of this kind of greed as I am?

boden11 Posted: May 11 '05,  6:39 pm           Reply
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The times

...they are a changing. Regardless four incidents in one year is quite a lot for what you pay for AAA services. AAA membership has doubled in price in 30 years? Well that doesn't even come close to making up for how much inflation has driven the price of the dollar down in those 30 years. So you're paying LESS than what you did then. Just using their service once every 2 years more than makes up for their cost. If you have four? Sounds like it's time to get a new car.


mcm307 Posted: Sep 30 '05,  12:20 pm           Reply
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RE: AAA Roadside service

I agree completely. I am sick of AAA. And even though they are charging high fees, they have not increased their level of service. We called for road side assistance after we moved from Georgia to SC, and because we didn't have the right number, we were denied. AAA didn't think twice about leaving us stranded on the side of the road. I'll never be a member again.

kkaye Posted: Jul 31 '06,  9:42 am           Reply
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roadside assistance programs

I was thinking about signing up for AAA but I too noticed how expensive they've gotten. I found another roadside assistance program for about half as much, anyone ever heard of it? It's http://www.betterworldclub.com/


numbersun Posted: Aug 28 '06,  11:43 am           Reply
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This looks pretty good - http://www.drivershieldautoclub.com/

petsforelderly Posted: Sep 06 '06,  10:05 am           Reply
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Alternative to AAA

Yes, I too know that AAA has skyrocketed in price over the last decade or so, but we found a service that's just as good -- covers member, spouse, children under 21 at home AND in college -- and is only $49.95 for 13 months. It's called All America Roadside Assistance (their website is www.allamericaroadsideassistance.com) -- and they give 100% of their new proceeds to charities because they're a non-profit.

I understand they used the same service providers (tow trucks) as AARP and some of the other "big guys" -- so anyhow, that's my two cents worth. It's worth checking out!

mediachild Posted: Jan 20 '07,  12:21 pm           Reply
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RE: roadside assistance programs

I joined Better World Auto Club and used a unique email address to sign up. I always do this whenever I sigh up for something on the web. A few months later I began receiving a lot of SPAM addressed to my better world email address.

California laws forces companies that have personal data leaks to report this. They never did. I'd say these guys are bunch of amatuers. All their services come from 3rd parties.

I am going back to AAA, it costs about the same but you get MUCH better service. And you can go to your local AAA office when you need a map or other help. These guys have no real world presence, just a web site.

Don't be fooled by the green come ons like I was. You join an auto cub for service, not to save the planet.

lmgny Posted: Jan 29 '07,  9:44 pm           Reply
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AAA Doesn't Care about Loyal Members

I agree with those who are disgusted with AAA. I have been a member for over 35 years and had some problems with service provided recently (not the only time). On ONE CALL I had to call AAA 3 times on the same day to get the right service with the right equipment and they charged me 3 service calls. No one at AAA told me that I was being charged 3 calls for one. If you are familiar with AAA ( I didn't know this .. they now limit service to 4 calls per year). Well, I needed service again ( this would be the second time in the year I called)...which they said would put me over 4 calls (I have never needed more than one or two calls per year in all those 35 years of membership) and I was told that they were going to charge me to provide service. . . I WAS SHOCKED . . . and now they wouldn't even believe me that I needed the 3 calls to resolve the one problem. Long story short...they did not care in the least that I had been a loyal member of over 35 years. When I told them they should give better service to long time loyal members (perhaps a sliding scale for service calls based on the years of membership) and that I would be looking for a new service...their answer was...they did not care. I got the same treatment as someone who just joined!! Guess what....I am not using AAA any more. I have found a roadside assistance service which has unlimited service calls and all the benefits of AAA and then some. AAA WAKE UP!

sage22 Posted: May 18 '07,  5:40 am           Reply
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I agree with Petsforelderly

I checked out the websites that you guys recommended to see if they're really better than AAA, and I wholeheartedly agree with petsforelderly above. I can see where they (Pets for the Elderly) benefits from the program since all of the companies proceeds, it says, goes to charities. That's nice and all, but the benefits of All America Roadside Assistance really do appear to be as good as the others, with a lower price. Thanks petsforelderly for the heads up! I'm calling them today and I'll let you know how their customer service is. That's as important to me as the price.

austinpowers22 Posted: Jun 27 '07,  5:56 am           Reply
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Alternative to AAA

I've been blogging for three days, trying to find an alternative to AAA. I called this "new" company that I keep seeing referred to on several blog sites called All America Roadside Assistance, just to see what's up with them. They seem to focus on customer service, kind of like Hertz "we try harder" motto, and there's sure nothing wrong with Hertz!

After almost 3 decades with AAA, I'm switching. Tired of pushing 8 buttons to get to a person through their automated system when I just have a question. I got a person on my initial dial-in. What a surprise. Looks like I'm going to get as good of service as I had before, except I'm going to pay about half as much. Thanks for the great advice.

P.S. By the way, they didn't charge me an arm and a leg to add my 17-year-old son. He's covered FOR THE SAME PRICE in their family coverage, as is my wife. Can't beat that!

sandysuzanne Posted: Jul 18 '07,  10:58 am           Reply
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Teens Too?

Are you saying that All America roadside doesn't charge extra for adding teenage drivers or other members of your family??????

sandysuzanne Posted: Aug 17 '07,  9:42 am           Reply
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Response to Sandy re All America Roadside

Hi Sandy -- hope you see this before it's too late. Yes, the All America Roadside plan covers you, your spouse and all licensed drivers in your immediate family under the age of 21, including those away at college. Your all covered in any car you drive, even a friend's car or a rental car. I just took another look at their website to be sure what I said was correct. Take a look for yourself -- it's www.allamericaroadside.org

jkhoh Posted: Oct 29 '07,  11:00 am           Reply
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Roadside Assistance

Like another poster, I too have been looking for days for roadside assistance. Like the rest of you on this website, I've had it with AAA. So, I've check out the couple of sites mentioned on here and a few of my own. For anyone that cares, I've chosen AARA or All America Roadside Assistance (www.allamericaroadside.org). It has all the services the others do, its inexpensive, and they give proceeds to charity. So, thanks for the advice on here. It sure did help.

stillstuck Posted: Feb 15 '08,  3:47 pm           Reply
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Terrible Service

After being a AAA member for 23 years, I am dropping them and looking for another service. I needed a tow today and AAA arranged for one to be sent from Whitmore's. Several minutes later the Whitmore's tow service called me and wanted $100, claiming the tow would not be covered by AAA, and that if I disagreed I would just have to fight it out with AAA. I told them I wouldn't pay them and called AAA back. AAA said they would call a different service but was now going to charge me with two service calls, despite the first-called service never coming out. They have that #%@$ four-call limit, and it's just the start of the year! So I told them to forget it and I'm looking for a new service.

I think Whitmore's was gouging because this region has been hit hard with snow this year. They are trying to milk it for all they can. You'd think AAA would want to discourge that extortion and find another service without penalizing me.

mark91731 Posted: Apr 12 '08,  8:29 pm           Reply
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RE: Alternative to AAA

The RoadsideAmerica service is the same as many others -- check their website: 3 call-up limit, $100 per event. Not a good choice.

mark91731 Posted: Apr 12 '08,  8:30 pm           Reply
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RE: Terrible Service

I'm dumping AAA, too. They are outrageously priced and their limits are no better than those that charge half the AAA rates.

aaatrainer Posted: Aug 11 '08,  3:37 pm           Reply
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AAA Emergency Road Service

Looks like 50,000,000 members must be wrong when 95% are very satisfied and 85% have a truck in 30 minutes or less. hmmmmmmmm, thats better than pizza when you lock your keys in your car, the best tool to open the door is the key by the way, hehe

mrnaturl Posted: Aug 14 '08,  11:19 am           Reply
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RE: AAA Emergency Road Service

Quote: aaatrainer
Looks like 50,000,000 members must be wrong when 95% are very satisfied and 85% have a truck in 30 minutes or less. hmmmmmmmm, thats better than pizza when you lock your keys in your car, the best tool to open the door is the key by the way, hehe

And hmmmmmmm, looks like it's possible the number of dissatisfied can increase each passing day. But I know, there's no such thing as prices increasing and service decreasing.

Not saying AAA is bad. It's the only service I've ever owned. Just once in a while one doesn't get their money's worth. I had to fight with them for 3 days to warranty replace a battery I purchased from them 2 years earlier. It was a 5 year battery. They didn't even offer to pro-rate it, they wanted to charge me full price!!!
coloradan Posted: Nov 13 '08,  10:56 pm           Reply
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My family has been a member of AAA for 50+ years. I want to respond to some of the negative complaints on here. First of all alot of people are commenting about pricing increase since 1974 are you kidding me? Have you ever heard of inflation or bought gas in the last 20 years? cost of operating goes up! AAA is not a business its a Club, There are no greedy men sitting in a mansion counting their millions they scam out of people. It is an orginization of small business motorist clubs all over the USA.People complain they have to pay for over mileage when it goes over the plan when you all know AAA isnt a free for all. it isnt insurance its meant to help motorists out when you need help. You want the expensive plan benefits pay for them.People dont even bother to realize AAA is an American Icon. They have been around for 100 some years/ they designed the interstate system for president Isenhower and when the car dealers try to make laws saying you HAVE to use their shops or void your warranty AAA steps in and says no. They are a very powerful lobbyist orginization that fight for drivers rights. It's rediculous to see people on here crying cause they had to pay 20 dollars extra to get a 400 dollar tow. You use AAA once or twice you have paid off your membership dues. Show some respect to a club that fights for your rights and have made auto travel possible in the USA.

rmpathak Posted: Dec 02 '08,  11:00 am           Reply
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All America Roadside Assistance Closed out

I checked All America Roadside Assistance website today and found the following message.... SAD

Dear Prospective Member,

We at All America Roadside Assistance wish to thank you for your patronage.

Unfortunately, due to the economic down turn and increase in our provider rates, we are forced to shut down our operations. We will no longer be accepting new or renewal customers.

If you are a current member, your membership contract will be honored until its expiration date!

Thank you,
Customer Relations Dept.
All America Roadside Assistance

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