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Who's your favorite playwright?
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Redlass Original Post: Nov 09 '06,  8:32 pm           Reply
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Who's your favorite playwright?

OK, we talked about favorite authors of all times. But what about playwrights?

More and more, my answer is Shakespeare, though it used to be Eugene O'Neill.

If I set Shakespeare aside, I'd be hard pressed to choose between Tom Stoppard and A.R. Gurney.

snpmurray Posted: Nov 12 '06,  4:07 pm           Reply
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Shakespeare. Hands down. Has there been more than one genius of that caliber in the English language, ever? I am personally immovable on the argument that there has not. To believe so may be (if I may respectfully suggest to them) a shortcoming of the disputants understanding of what Shakespeare did with thelanguage, rather than any equality of caliber they may suspect of their own candidate.

Or not :)

Okay, I'll shut up now.

pvreditor Posted: Nov 13 '06,  6:40 am (Updated: Nov 14 '06,  6:42 am)           Reply
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Neil Simon

He's made me laugh more than Shakespeare and Eugene O'Neill combined. I profoundly appreciate all the words that Shakespeare created (such as half-hearted and dim-witted) but the bottom line is enjoyment, and I enjoy a Neil Simon play more than a Shakespeare play.

Another playwright I like is Anton Chekov, and one of my drama favorites is A Doll's House by Henrik Ibsen.

According to Wikipedia, the term "playwright" was initially considered derogatory. The things a bit of research uncovers...


snpmurray Posted: Nov 13 '06,  10:51 pm           Reply
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quite right....

of course...yes, I kind of digressed into why Will is supreme after stating he was my fave too. Faves can be faves for any reason. Laughter is a great reason. Sorry , got a bit OT. Probably doing it again now. Oh lord. I'll shut up again now.

Joyfulgirlfan Posted: Oct 25 '07,  10:30 am           Reply
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Late to the party

but Shakespeare aside, I would have to say Edward Albee. I think that Albee trumps even Beckett when it comes to making people think/feel/laugh/cry/what have you.

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