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Looking for some advice
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Rock_On Original Post: Sep 01 '11,  7:46 pm           Reply
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Looking for some advice

So writing about video games is very natural to me. I've been playing them since I was little. Music on the other hand, never became important to me until around junior high. I'm having a little trouble transferring my thoughts to words in describing how I feel about albums. I've been dabbling a little bit with my two latest, but I feel like I can be writing a lot better.

I'm definitely intimidated by writers that really know what they're talking about and know how to explain how they feel about the album. How do I explain songs without just being like "this song is catchy," "the beat in this one is nice,", etc.?

Thanks guys.


teamfreak16 Posted: Sep 02 '11,  6:26 pm           Reply
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You could talk about just what makes the song so catchy or memorable. Are there groovy guitar solo's? Do they do something unexpected like throw some reggae or a jazzy interlude into it? Stuff like that helps give an idea about what makes the song so cool. Is the singer angry or sounds like he/she is having fun or something like that?

Just a few ideas, things I tend to look for when reading music reviews. Hope it's helpful.

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