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Jun 10, 2000
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Pros:Great Musical abilities

Cons:Not much known about the band

Dogs Eye View is a great band that few have heard of unless they heard the hit song from their debut album "Happy Nowhere". That song was "Everything Falls Apart". And don't say you haven't heard it, because I know you have.

The band consists of 4 key members.

Alan Bezozi- Drums, Percussion
Tim Bradshaw- Guitars, Vocals, Piano, Organ, Lap Steel, Optigan, Bass
Dermor Lynch- Bass, Baritone Guitar
Peter Stuart- Vocals, Guitars

The CD is full of truthful songs. They all have lots of meaning and are not sloppy sell-out songs like the Backstreet Boys or 'N Sync. The band is not very gifted vocally, which is quite audible on this CD, however, their percussion and guitar skills make that a mute point. The best song by far is track number 5. "Falling into place" is one of my all-time favorite songs. It is very calming and I love to play it while I am driving on the highway. It is a very freeing song. It just makes everything seem like it has "fallen into place". The other good songs from the groups sophomore album is track 1: "The trouble with love", track 2: "Homecoming Parade", track 4: "What do you do", track 11: "The Shallows", and track 12: "Umbrella".

You probably won't go out and spend 15 bucks on this CD since you likely haven't heard much about them, and nowadays people buy CD's of bands that are on the Top 40 lists. But if history is a reminder, I also recommended a group called "Guster" and they are starting to get a huge break now at Woodstock and such events.

Overall I would recommend this CD to anyone who loves classic rock and all people ages 15-28.

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