Do a Little Dance.. Make a Little Love..

Dec 29, 2000

With thoughts of the New Year looming just ahead, I wondered how best to celebrate the coming of the next millennium and express my excitement at the possibilities it holds for all of us. What better way than to throw a huge party. (Excuse my husbandís laughter in the background, please. Heís cackling uncontrollably because, you see, Iím not exactly a party girl. <stern teacher look> However, Iíll let you in a little secret. I used to be.. in a nice, well-behaved sort of way, of course..

Now, whether or not I choose to throw this phenomenal party is up for debate, but whatever the case, I have my groove-all-night song list ready for play.. party or not! The following, my humble attempt.. and my extremely varied picks for the millennium disco/dance party mix (and donít yell at me for choosing some rather obvious tunes; it is my party, after all, and Iíll cry if I want to!)

Hurts So Good John Cougar Mellencamp
Reminiscent of my younger Ďskating rink daysí (didnít everyone have those?), I still love to hear this on the radio.

Break My Stride Matthew Wilder
I think the words of this one make it so appealing to me.. (except for grammar awful enough to make me want to sob uncontrollably).. ďAinít nothiní gonna break my stride, nobody gonna slow me down, oh no, Iíve got to keep on moviníĒ <warbling off key>

YMCA Village People
Overplayed? Probably. Doesnít mean it isnít worthy of my list. This song was the biggest hit of all last spring when my sixth graders had ďHippie DayĒ at school. At the conclusion of our unit of study on the 60ís and 70ís, we had a party.. complete with tie-dye and bell-bottoms. Watch 12 year old boys lip-sync in afros to this one and, sadly, youíll remember it for the rest of your life.

Celebration Kool and the Gang
Ah, yes. Good times. Come on.

Letís Talk About Sex Salt-N-Pepa
Nothing like this one to stir up a little bit of interest. Quick tip: If your parents are chaperoning your junior prom, it might not be the best idea to shake it up to this on the dance floor. My best friendís dad made a startlingly profound statement after that fateful evening. ďI didnít know Baptist gals could dance like that!Ē I donít think my poor father will ever be the same. (Thatíll teach him to help mom bring the punch and end up staying four hours!)

I Will Survive Gloria Gaynor
ďAt first I was afraid, I was petrified..Ē Not any more, baby.

Give It Up KC and the Sunshine Band
Believe it or not, my high school band played this when I was in like seventh grade. I thought the tune was so cool. Just think how excited I was to discover it was a Ďrealí song.

Ring My Bell Anita Ward
Iím curious. What bell are we actually ringing here? That was a rhetorical question. No answers necessary in the comment section. <laugh>

Brick House Commodores
36, 24, 36. Yeah. 24? Maybe when I was 14.

Stayiní Alive Bee Gees
Ah, ah, ah, ah, stayiní alive, stayiní alive. Okay, Iíll stop singing. Please disperse. Nothing to see here.

Itís Raining Men The Weather Girls

Dancing Queen Abba
My friend Lenore is the true dancing queen. Too bad the club we went to over the summer was playing very un-danceable music.

You Spin Me (Right Round Baby) Dead or Alive
Adam Sandlerís version of this song in ďThe Wedding SingerĒ is funnier. But the true rendition is what I prefer. Like a record, baby.

Maniac Michael Sembello
Iíll never dance like her because sheís danciní like sheís never danced before. Iíll just have to accept my inferiority.

Fame Irene Cara
Yeah, I wanna live forever too!

Mickey Toni Basil
<waiting for laughter to subside> Seen the video? Those girls were cheerleaders? Please. The 1999 re-release with a disco groove added is fantastic. Hey Mickey!

Push It Salt-n-Pepa
I like this. Itís different.

Get Down Tonight KC and the Sunshine Band
Funny how there arenít any other songs by them I like, except the two listed here. <shrug> Do a little dance.. make a little love..

And finally.. you might wanna sit down for this one..

Strokin' Clarence Carter
<flashback to look of horror on dadís face at prom> Bottom line, undisputed, perfect line dancing song ever, explicit lyrics or not.

And now, Iím tired. All this dancing has taken its toll. May you groove through the last few minutes of 2000 in style.

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