Can't quite put my finger on it....

Oct 26, 1999
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Pros:equally good for dancing or at-work listening

Cons:a little poppy, but not overly so

The Chemical Brothers' newest effort is their best to date. Less block-rockin' than some of their previous stuff, most of the tracks off of Surrender are very easy to listen to, almost in an ambient way ("[Ambient music] must be as ignorable as it is listenable" -Brian Eno).

One of the odd things about the album is how familiar it is. Upon listening to the album for the first time, I could swear that I had heard almost all of the songs somewhere before. This is both good and bad. Critics protest, saying the Brothers' have lost their edge and are just pumping out derivative pop tunes. I say that they are producing some downright groovy music that people will find instantly familiar and likeable.

More of the same old thing is not necessarily bad, especially if it is well done.

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