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Nov 4, 2000
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Pros:absolute quality sound and repertoire

Cons:relies too on much visual tactics and effects

I have been waiting for this album for over nine months ever since I came out of the MGM Grand Garden Arena last New Year's Eve in Las Vegas so that I could re-live and re-create in my mind what I experienced that special evening I'll never forget.
To tell the truth, personally I enjoy the album very much...not as much as the live experience of course...but I do. Yet, it so happens only because I was actually there that night and I could not only hear the "magic" but also SEE IT! and that is the most disturbing fact that jars away every "misty watered colored memory" from the recorded product of the concert.
The concert relied so much on visual tactics and effects that those who were not there that evening will have a very difficult time trying to understand and "feel" what was actually going on. That's why the various monologues sound terribly boring on disc, you should have seen what was going on the video screen, which even Streisand raves about many times during the concert. Moments like the duets section, the Millenium countdown, the photo montage during the entr'acte and many others.
All this makes you feel that the recording was one heck of a party and you were not invited, so you have to sneak up to the door and hear what is going on inside. The only way to enjoy this product is through the future DVD or Video which I hope they get it on the market soon, so people everywhere can enjoy what a "musical gem" this truly is. It will be the only medium that will do justice to that Timeless Concert.
Aside from these flaws, the album has a sound quality that is unbelievable and extraordinary, the mastering is flawless and impeccable. Proof of this is in every song where you can actually define and identify each instrument of the 60+ orchestra, and you get powerful and sublime renditions of pop classics like "A sleeping bee" by Harold Arlen, "Alfie" by Burt Bacharach, "The Way We Were" by Marvin Hamlisch, "Evergreen" by Streisand herself and others.
Bottom line is...the record is not bad, is actually great, but if you really want to enjoy this...wait for the DVD or Video, I'll guarantee you'll have a blast.

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