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Oct 3, 1999 (Updated Apr 1, 2000)
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Pros:One of the BEST all-time albums

Cons:You'll have to search for it in most music stores

I think as one gets older, they find themselves less likely to spend a ton of time in the music store. Sound like you? It's probably a combination of the fact that so much of the hype in the music industry these days is targeted to teens - and that us middle aged types have "outlived" our usefulness as potential buyers.

That being said...once in awhile I stumble upon an album by sheer luck that blows me away. The music...the lyrics....the classic rendition of a series of beautiful songs. Those are the things that stand out in the crowded marketplace for me...but I seldom have the distinct privilege of finding a new artist whom I wish to extol their virtues to the masses.

But that changed recently because of one man and his guitar. The man? Michael Johnson.

One voice...coupled with one guitar...equals Perfection. Perfect is the primary word I'd use to describe the album "Then and Now" by this relatively unknown singer/guitarist Michael Johnson. The Intersound album...usually found under easy listening (or even country of all things) in the big music 10 songs of PURE magic.

The first track..."Almost Like Being in Love" hauntingly beautiful and shows the marriage of Mr. Johnson's voice and his guitar to be one of those cosmic know the feeling - you hear it and you wonder why this song by this artist is not already world renowned. But, perhaps that's for the best...because you can pick up this album for around $15 and play it the next time you have family or friends over...and they'll all ask simultaneously..."Who is this guy?"...and/or...."What is the name of this album?" Other tracks that we play over and over - in our house or in our cars - include "The Moon is Still Over Her Shoulder"..."That's That", "Bluer Than Blue", and an unbelievable cover of the classic "Whenever I Call You Friend".

Each song stands alone well, but collectively they comprise one of the most powerful albums I've had the pleasure of listening to....over and over again...during the last decade.

If I was forced to choose one album that I could carry with me on a deserted island...this would be it. Go OUT on a quest....find this Holy Grail of an album... and buy it as quickly as you can get your hands on the cd.

I guarantee you'll be writing a review yourself extolling the virtues of this perfect blend of music and man.

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