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Dec 29, 2000 (Updated Jan 4, 2001)
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Pros:Great music with all her greatest hits on one album

Cons:wish I could see what was happening

I could hardly wait to get this CD album when it was available. I am a big fan of this women and her music. What I would give to sing like her. There was actually a time when I could sing along and sound pretty close but never the same. Time has taken its toll on my voice. the Julie Andrews problem. Do a fair alto now.

I got my CD and could hardly wait to get it out of the package and into my cars CD player. The music is wonderful. The sound is great. My favorites are all there. But, what is all this chatter? Oh, forgot, this is a live concert. The first of this kind I ever purchased. I have been to only one concert, CHER's and I remember all the visuals, effects and this is what must be going on. It is a little disconcerting if you aren't used to this.

The CD opens with a Barbra sound a like, guest Lauren Frost, depicting Barbara as a young girl with her mom, on a recording session. She is exceptional and soon she and Barbara are singing a duet, Somethings Coming.
Barbara talks us into one of my favorites "The Way We Were." It is beautiful and I love how we can hear her intonations. She acknowledges who writes this song and others in the concert.

One of her guests, Shirley Mclain has a short monologue with Barbara who asks if she has been here before, loosely.

Cry Me A River,reminds me of Julie London, Lover Come Back To Me, not a
favorite, will wake you up, really up tempo. I'm thinking can she last a concert singing like this. I'm out of breath for her. Next a nice little ballad A Sleeping Bee, very soft and pretty. Puts you on a Mississippi river boat.

Barbara brings us to Broadway with her next 7 renditions, Miss Marmelstein, {I'm The Greatest Star, Second Hand Rose Don't Rain On My Parade{Medley}} {Something Wonderful and Being Alive} another Medley. My favorite of these are Second Hand Rose. You feel like you are on Broadway not at an outdoor concert,

Now it's time for movie music.The first two bring us back to movies that may have influenced her her early years,"As Time Goes By and Speak Low" She now tell us a story of a ride in a cab where she hears someone singing "Alfie" she wonders why she hasn't recorded that beautiful song and wonders who is singing this. Needless to say, she finds out it is herself singing the song. Duh, do you believe?

Evergreen, awe Evergreen. Wonderful and she wrote this one and jokes, it was a good thing she kept her day job, if any of the others she wrote were an indication of her writing talents.

We get sentimental about her father who dies when she was only 15 month old. "Papa Can You Hear Me?" as if speaking to her father. Her young guest enters singing "You"ll Never Know" Of course this brings me too tears for everyone who has lost someone. It is so beautiful. Now another duet with Lauren Frost "A Piece Of The Sky" and more of "Papa". A nice tribute to her father.

The second disc opens with a small medley of tunes from the first disc and things to come. "Putting It Together, On A Clear Day and Send in the Clowns" are the first three songs. The are well presented but not, personally, tunes I would miss.

The next set is small swatches of duets she has sung with other performers. Judy Garland, Barry Gibb, Bryan Adams, Celine Dion,and Neil Diamond. Jason Gould, her son do "Sing" It is really cute.Frank Sinatra and Barbara sing together "I've Got A Crush On You". This is a place i'm sure there is screen presentation that I would love to see. I don't know if this is a real duet or a Nat and Natalie Cole type thing.

Dialogue now, on technology, sorta cute with song to match. The Clicker Blues. Another song Simple Pleasures tells us to take our time through the fast times we live in now.

It's gonna get loud again cuz here comes "The Main Event" and "Fight"

Another small tribute to her father, and now, her husband, who is in the wings. She sings a beautiful song written for their wedding "I've Dreamed Of You". You wish you could see the inaction between the two of them. This song will give you real warm fuzzys, followed by another nice song "At The Same Time"

We are getting closer to midnight as the next songs are mostly about "Auld Lang Syne" What it means and and one song in particular which she says is all about the night. "People" her best, for me the very best of all the songs I have had the pleasure to hear her sing. Like she says "it says it all". She has her hubby come out for the count down. You want to be there, since there is a picture in the booklet you know her hubby is there for his kiss. I'm a romantic old fool but the moment is TIMELESS.Now come Happy Days Are Here Again, Don't Like Goodbyes, I Believe and Somewhere. Somewhere I play over and over so is great in this one. I love it.This is all of her songs. The end of the concert. The end of the CD.

Barbra repeats herself a lot between songs. Wonder if there is a record number of "thank you"s on this recording. Maybe to make certain she is heard above the crowd? And there must be a huge crowd of very enthusiastic fans, all having a great time. It makes you want to be there, but you do wish she wouldn't keep saying the same things over and over.

There are places where you know she must be looking at something on a screen behind her. In the booklet you get with the CD, there are pictures of this fact. You are missing this part of the concert and as in the CHER concert I went to, found it to be, an important feature of a concert.

I still love this album but if they do a DVD or video I am going to be first in line.

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