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Sep 14, 2000

One of the saddest things in life is to have to say goodbye to someone who you care about. Luckily, the musicians of the world have captured some of these feelings in song. For my contribution to the GWO, I am going to add some sad songs, some angry songs, but overall, different songs about the different aspects of saying goodbye.

Goodbye, My Friend- Linda Rondstat
This is a very sad song about the death of a friend or loved one. Sadly, I came to know of it when Patch (aka Steve Johnson) died on Days of Our Lives several years ago. Aside from its soap opera roots, this is quite a touching song. Sample lyric, “Goodbye my friend, I know I’ll never see you again, but the love you gave me through all the years will take away these tears. I’m OK now, goodbye my friend.”

Please Don’t Go Girl- New Kids on the Block
If you’ve read my prior reviews, you know that I am proud to be a New Kids fan. Well this song is about the end of a teenage relationship. It is part of life, losing that first love. The New Kids probably didn’t capture it BEST, per se, but they did it with panache. “Please don’t go girl, it would ruin my whole world. Tell me you’ll stay, never ever go away… I love you (I love you) I guess I always will…. GIRL!” Sorry I just had to throw that in.

This Dream- Michaelanjelo
This is a local band in the town where I went to college, Bloomington, IN. These guys have developed quite a following, you might be able to see them in college towns around the Midwest, as well as Chicago and Indianapolis. This song is about graduating from college, and brought us to hysterics on graduation night. A sample lyric, “How long ‘til the faces begin to fade, will there be a sign?…Won’t you just close your eyes, don’t have to say goodbye, all that you leave behind lies on the weary wings of time. Look at the memories made, nothing we’d ever change. Though it will be for life, this dream will never have to die.” We cried a lot. It was kind of pathetic, so then we drank a lot more beer. I miss college.

Jen Doesn’t Like Me Anymore- Less Than Jake
Talk about an angry song. I guess our friend Jake (or whoever) was dumped by Jen (thus the title and main lyric of the song). This is one of my favorite car songs, but if you really feel the need to listen to the words, it’s about a bitter breakup. We’ve all had them, and want to hurt the other person. In this song, “Jake” thinks he can hurt Jen by showing her that “I don’t really care, if she likes me or not” <Cue headbanging punk sound here>

Break Your Heart- Barenaked Ladies
Talk about a heartfelt ballad. This tune is belted out so brilliantly, that I am ashamed to even sing along in the car. I do anyway, though, to the chagrin of my friends. I’ll just quote the amazing lyrics. “But now I’m over you, I’ll be OK, and I’ve got what I want, and that’s rid of you, goodbye. And it’s not cause I’ll be missing you that makes me fall apart. It’s just that I didn’t mean to break your heart.”

Never Say Goodbye- from the musical Sing! Vocals by Art Garfunkel
This was the graduation song for my senior class in high school. It is a very unassuming song that talks about the end of school. The lyrics ring very true and are very touching. For example: “We’ve walked the halls of learning and served the proud tradition, the flame of truth is burning to clarify our vision. Look at how the future gleams, gold against the sky. Long as I can share your dreams, we’ll never say goodbye.”

Get Your Tongue Out of My Mouth- Unknown Country-ish artist
A friend of mine put this song on a tape in junior high. It is absolutely hysterical, but covers the feeling of having been cheated on fairly nicely. “Get your tongue out of my mouth and wipe off that silly grin. Get your tongue out of my mouth, ain’t no telling where it’s been! Get you’re tongue out of my mouth, and don’t try that again! … Get your tongue out of my mouth, ‘cause I’m kissing you goodbye!” Classic.

I’ll Be There For You- Bon Jovi
Jon Bon Jovi laments his relationship gone wrong. He severely screwed it up, he tells us, by missing her birthday and other stupid actions. Now he wants to prove it to her. “I guess this time you’re really leaving. I heard your suitcase say goodbye. Well that’s my broken heart that’s grieving, they say true love is suicide.” Yeah, soon I’ll be breaking out in song. Bon Jovi rules.

Another Suitcase in Another Hall- from Evita
I adore this song. Depending on which version of Evita you have seen (Madonna or otherwise) it is sung by a different character. Either way, it is about a girl who has been tossed around by men, and now finds herself alone again, having been dumped once more. “So what happens now, another suitcase in another hall. Take your picture off another wall. You’ll be fine you always have before. Where am I going to?”

These Are Days- 10,000 Maniacs
The other song that threw me into hysterics on graduation night. We were all standing in a circle (I told you, we were pretty pathetic) swaying back and forth… I vaguely remember that there were other people in the bar, but I never saw them until I had to wait in line for the bathroom. That sucked. Anyway, it is only fitting that Natalie Merchant later released a CD called Tigerlily (our beautiful hostess). Oh yeah, the song. It’s about friends. “Never before and never since, I promise, has the whole world been more than this.”

So many thanks to Tigerlily137 who organized this fabulous write-off which has had me singing sad songs in the shower for a week now. Please go check out the rest of this goodbye clan listed at the end.

Tigerlily, we’ll miss you. But don’t worry, never say goodbye, and I’ll be there for you…
Goodbye, my friend.

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