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Mar 16, 2000

Narrowing down ten albums to represent the rest was a tricky one. You need a good mix of rock, adult contemporary and a few hints of dance for those crazy nights on Deserted Island. But here are my personal picks:

10. Lisa Loeb- "Tails"
For those of you who never got on the Lisa Loeb bandwagon, its been quite a ride. She is truly a great songwriter, and her voice can put you at ease. Check out "Waiting For Wednesday" and "Alone". Perfect when chopping island wood for your tiki bar.

9. Lionel Richie - "Back To Front"
Okay, who, at one time or another, has not heard or hummed alone to a
Richie tune? This album brings all of his best together. My favorites?
"Easy", "Still" and the classic, "Endless Love". Use it to seduce the natives into hooking you up with some chow.

8. Madonna - "Ray of Light"
A beautiful island, no food to spare...calm those hunger pains with some soothing grooves. Madonna delivers her best album to date on this one, and every song has that drum and bass soft quality. Definitely relaxes the mind. Favorite? Every song is great.

7. Live - "Live"
Okay, you're gonna get mad at some point to be so isolated, craving Oreo's and needing some human contact. What to do? Throw on Live and beat the mush outta those palm trees. Live is still hot, and since you have no car, make a boat out of sand and some stone and oar like a madman. Live rocks with the best of them, and probably was the best thing to come out and survive the grunge wave.

6. Indigo Girls- "Swamp Ophelia"
Okay, I know what you are thinking.And relax, you don't need to be an up and coming lesbian to enjoy these girls. They may just have the most creative and well-thought out lyrics ever. They jam, they soothe. They reel you in with words that actually mean something and have a beginning and finale. They may teach you about survival. My favorites are " Least Complicated", "Mystery" and "Touch Me Fall". But let the whole CD play, and hit repeat.

5. Indigo Girls - "Closer To Fine"
You listened to the first one, as instructed, for 30 straight days and
30 straight nights. You're craving more. Hate to say it, but I told you so. This album is an earlier release from the band, and includes two of what I consider the greatest. Try "Closer To Fine", a foot tapping, self-evaluating guitar jam, complete with a doctor of philosophy and insight between black and white. Oh, and "Land of Canaan" a trip that holds the theme "It's only life after all."

4. Depeche Mode- "101"
Imagine that conch shell is a disco ball. Hang it up high and get ready to go mentally unstable. Pretend your in a club in the 80's, and blaring from your coconut-shaped speakers is none other than DM. 101 Brings you back to the days of damn good music. There isn't any song on here that you won't think is a secret time machine. Enjoy "People Are People" and "Just Can't Get Enough".

3. Pearl Jam - Any Album You Can Find, Basically.
I personally enjoy their earlier work, from the first album. But many people I know like the latest tunes. Depends. Either way, Pearl Jam rocks, rocks and still rocks. My favorite all-time song? "Black". I can hear it now...please hold me. (sniff)

2. Fiona Apple- "Tidal"
She's almost too smooth. And you are bound to get lonely. Pop in Fiona and discard the visions of her being a brat. Imagine her as a lounge singer, crooning to you from across the room. Take a nap and enjoy.
The best? "Shadow-Boxer", "Criminal".

1. (Drumroll please)
Bob Marley-"Greatest Hits"
No other singer could possibly make you enjoy this deserted island like Bob.You'll be losing your leafy kilts and bikinis and will be jammin till the wee hours. Roll up some of those coconut papers and go shoot the island sheriff. Take control over the island and then I'll come visit.Best of luck.

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