best songs ever

Sep 26, 2000

If I had just ten songs i had to listen over and over to I could easily listen to these.

1. 112 - Cupid.
its a slow song that has a sweet bass that hits. I usually use it going out with girls on dates and my first kiss with my girlfriend was to this song.

2. Dj Jean - The Launch
Great song to dance to. its a classic club song or atleast will be. I love the part where it builds up and the beat stops at a high pitch and then busts out into a club part, it's awesome.

3. Bomfunk - Uprocking Beats
Another good song for clubbing. It does the same thing as dj jean's song but has a classic club beat after the ninety ninety nine. its awesome.

4. Keith Sweat - Twisted(sexual remix)
tight song for women in your car. Has a ton of bass that you can bump with your girly/man.

5. Twista - Twisted Heat
This song gets me pumped up to drive fast. there is one part in the song where he says, "GET IGNORANT" and he busted off rapping really fast to a fast beat. its an amazing song that makes me wanna race!!!

6. Nu Flavor - Most Beautiful Girl
I love this song cause I wish i could sing it to my gf. It has a nice voice in the song. Its really good to impress girls too.

7. Tq - Westside
all time favorite rap song. it just flows and its a different beat that most rappers don't use. I like how he doesn't use profanity ever other word.

8. Toni Tone Tony - Let's Get Down
Great song one of my all time favorite rap song. Great beat and sweet rapping.

9. Dead Prez - Hip Hop
Great beat. bump this song and everyone will turn to look who is playing it cause its such a sweet song. Best rap song for its beat.

10. Scooter - Fuc? The Millenium
Best club song ever. don't like the swearing but its ok. I like the part where the saong says "staying on the edge" and the beat after that is sick!!!

I am a big time clubber and love slow songs as you may very well tell from my top 10 songs. I just recently got into rap but nothing hard core. Just the Soft rap stuff. If anyone wants names of club songs or r&b throw me an email. I will gladely give you some cool songs to download. I am close friends with a couple Minneapolis dj's.

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