Pop Performances Fitting For a Jedi on A Desert Island

Mar 13, 2000

OK. Here I am once again, stranded on a dropped on a desert island by Epinions, left this time with nothing but a CD player, a case of ramen noodles and a hot pot, some old issues of Popular Mechanics, and 10 pop cd's. What's a jedi to do? Well if this scenerio happened, while I was waiting for the native babes to come and rescue me from eternal boredom, here are the CD's I would really like to have. Keep in mind, these are in NO PARTICULAR ORDER!!

10) Britney Spears -- "Baby, One More Time"

OK, right off the bat I know I am going to catch a lot of flack for this choice. OK. Let's think about this scenerio. First of all I am stranded on a desert island ALONE. That means two things. Number one, this CD is great eye candy for a lonely jedi, and number two, nobody can make fun of me for listening to the bubble gum chewing, dancey pop songs present on this record! Yes, I actually like Ms. Spears. Her music entertains me. There is something about her carefree lyrics, and toe tapping little tunes that really make me smile. Songs like "Baby, One More Time", "Sometimes" and "Crazy" will really keep me upbeat and entertained on this desert island.

9) James Taylor -- "Greatest Hits"

The depressing and slow voice of James Taylor is actually pretty magnificent. I grew up on the vocal tunes off of this greatest hits compilation. Legendary cuts like "Something in the Way She Moves", "Fire and Rain", "Carolina on My Mind", "Country Road" and "Mexico" make this cd a true vocal masterpiece. Soothing tunes to pass much time away stranded on a desert island. Taylor's guitar playing and voice make this a true pop classic record.

8) Michael Jackson -- "Thriller"

The king of pop simply has to make an appearance on my list. This legendary 1980's record features song after song of awesome pop vocals. Every time I hear this, I want to put some bryl cream in my hair, put on one glove, and moonwalk across the street. Songs like "Billie Jean", "Beat It", "P.Y.T." and the title cut, make this not only one of the most essential pop records of all time, but one of the most essential records, period, of all time.

7) Madonna -- "The Immaculate Collection"

Another 1980's icon, Madonna, may very well be the female counterpart of Michael Jackson when it comes to pop music success. This, her greatest hits compilation is packed with 17 songs, all of which are pretty great. Her songs bring memories of my childhood. That's probably one of the reason's I have to include music by her. But, not withstanding that, her songs are pure pop bliss. Tunes like "Cherish", "Crazy For You", "Borderline", "Like A Virgin" and "Open Your Heart" are all present here. This a completely terrific pop collection. My only regret is that this cd does not include her great song: "This Used To Be My Playground". Oh well, I guess we can't have everything at once...

6) Barry Manilow -- "Greatest Hits Volume III"

While I may consider Barry 'Pudge' Manilow's "Greatest Hits Volume II" an essential record of all time with all it's up tempo classics, "Greatest Hits Volume III" makes it to my pop music list. This compilation features a lot more of Barry's stronger, slower vocal performances. His classic "Ships" is on this record, which is one of my all time favorite pop performances. However you also have "Let's Hang On", "One Voice" and "Somewhere Down the Road", all of which put Barry Manilow up on a pop pedestal as a truly soothing voice.

5) A-HA -- "Hunting High And Low"

The European band's most famous record. This 80's band released two of the greatest pop songs of all time, in the keyboard laden classic "Take On Me" and the synthesized "The Sun Always Shines on TV". When I think of pop, often these are the first two songs I think of. Entertaining and original is the word here, their sound reminding me of the days of the '80's. A terrific album by a band who really underachieved their full potential. This record is amust on my desert island.

4) Phil Collins -- "Serious Hits...Live"

The only live album that made my list, 1990's "Serious hits...Live" is an excellent compilation of the ex-Genesis drummers finest pop performances. Very energetic live, Collins does not waver for a second in his true vocal ability. Songs on this great record are "One More Night", "Don't Lose My Number", "Against All Odds", "You Can't Hurry Love", "Easy Lover" and "Two Hearts". Great song one after another, present on a phenomenal pop record.

3) Peter Gabriel -- "So"

The 1986 perfect record by Gabriel, is impeccable work of pop history. His calming and amusing voice is just flawless on this terrific record. The slow classic "Red Rain" is enough for me to want this record, only it goes much further. Songs like "In Your Eyes", "Don't Give Up", "Sledgehammer" and "Big Time" make this record a pretty much irresistible pop record for this jedi.

2) Tony Bennett -- "Bennett Sings Ellington"

Las Vegas and Atlantic City icon, Tony Bennett is at his lounge singer best, on this record singing many classic Duke Ellington songs. Bennett croons on songs like: "Caravan", "Chelsea Bridge", "Prelude to a Kiss", "Azure", "Mood Indigo" and "It Don't Mean A Thing, (If it A'int Got that Swing)". Just a flawlessly entertaining performance by one of America's greatest pop traditions. A must on my island.

1) Frank Sinatra -- "Greatest Hits Volume 1 and 2"

Just about any cd from Ole Blue Eyes could make my list. Here, I choose this greatest hits compilation due to its nice diverse mix of terrific Sinatra songs. The pop master's voice is crisp and clear, as he finger snaps his way through songs like: "Summer Wind", "My Way", "Bein' Green", "That's Life" and "Strangers In The Night". Sinatra's songs are all so excellent, it's hard to pick which one is my favorite, so I would simply have to have a compilation on this island.

Well there you have it...now if only Epinions could provide me with some suntan lotion. i might get burnt really bad with no sunblock on a deserted island!!

Thanks for reading!

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