Daft Punk - Yes, but...

Oct 15, 1999
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Pros:*very* groovy, contains some of the best electronica around

Cons:not much depth, album doesn't hold together

Three of my favorite electronic music tracks appear on this album, along with another favorite on the B-side of the "Da Funk" single. "Da Funk", "Around the World", "Alive", and "Musique" (the "DF" B-side) are simply some of the best music I've ever heard. I can put "Around the World" on repeat for hours and never get tired of it. When I saw Fatboy Slim here in Mpls., he threw it in about midway through his set...and boy did I go nuts. Man!

So, you'd think would be one of my favorite albums ever...but the rest of the album is pretty weak. "Teachers" is one of the crappiest "songs" ever burned onto a CD...and the rest, well, let's just say I usually skip them. Actually, the rest of the tracks aren't all bad...they each have their moments, but are almost filler for the Big 3.

Bottom line: buy it. Give it a listen. And keep the remote handy for easy track skipping.

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