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Apr 18, 2000 (Updated Apr 18, 2000)
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Pros:Spectacular FX

Cons:Far fetched story

Independence Day (1996)

Dazzling special effects characterize director Roland Emmerichís "Independence Day".

Donít try to analyze this film, just suspend your disbelief and hold on for the ride! There is plenty of action and enough side plots to satisfy anybody.

There are no real standouts as far as the actors, most of whom play stereotypical roles. Jeff Goldblum and Judd Hirsch play father and son and are probably the best played characters in the film. Jeff is a rocket scientist geek who his father thinks is a cable TV repairman! Judd plays a meddling old man who inspires Jeff to continue trying to beat the alien menace, eventually he does.

The President of the U.S., played by Bill Pullman, is especially wooden, although he does show tenderness at his dying wifeís side. Will Smith seems added as an afterthought, together with stripper-girlfriend played by Vivica Fox, probably for box office appeal. Will is very unlikely as the savior of the planet, but it seemed to work. Although he is often funny, he basically seems to play about the same role every time I see him.

Randy Quaid plays an alcoholic crop duster who flew jets in Vietnam. He claims to have been abducted by aliens and wants revenge. By the end of the movie, he gets it!

The story is the weak link in this film, there are just too many outlandish occurrences. Jeff Goldblum's ex just happens to be chief of staff to the president. Jeff is the guy who cracks the secret. Will's girlfriend finds the presidents wife. Will grabs a helicopter and finds his girlfriend. They all happen to find Area 51... and so on...

The real star of the film is the tremendous FX. They are in your face and you will find yourself ducking as the cities of LA, NY, and Washington are destroyed around you.

This movie will satisfy anyone who does not question it too deeply or try to tie all the loose ends together. See it for the thrills!

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