99's op 5 Greatest Movies

Jan 31, 2000

In my opinion, the top 5 movies are as follows :

5.James Bond 007 , The World is Not Enough
This movie was great. The graphics and stunts were outstanding. Did great in the box office.

4.Big Daddy
This movie was also great. Very funny and had some emotional moments as well. Good for kids. Very life like and shows a form of a father's love for his child.

3.End of Days
This movie was a thriller and a horror combined. Sort of like the spawn. Was thrilling and eye catching. Sort of a combination of belief of religion and fantasy combined. Very good movie

2.American pie
FUNNY FUNNY FUNNY Very funny movie. Had good acting performances. This movie contained almost ALL sexual content. Despite that, it was still hilarious. i do not recommend this for children at ALL.

1. Austin power - The Spy That Shagged Me
This movie was definatly the best movie of the year. It had acting performances by Mike Myers and Heather Gram. Great movie. For 11 and up. I LOVED this movie and so did the box office. This movie was the biggest hit of 99 and still is in early 2000. See This Movie!

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