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Jan 2, 2001

Anyone who knows me can tell you that I like a good laugh. In my quest to introduce great films to the world, I have compiled my list of the top ten films that make me laugh every time I watch them. There were no specific criteria for making my list, so all I can tell you is that I like these films and if you like to laugh - you will like them too.

I must include one bit of info here, There are other movies which I find funny (some even more so than these). The reason that they did not make the list is because they appear on another list. I am working on several others - check out my personal profile page for a list of the upcoming reviews!

Finally, here are smithsheila's top ten movies that always make me laugh (in release date order, starting with the oldest)…

Barefoot in the Park - 1967
By far the oldest film on my list, Barefoot stars Jane Fonda (as Corie Bratter) and Robert Redford (Paul Bratter). They are a newlywed couple who have just moved into their fifth floor walk-up in NYC. The two embody the phrase "opposites attract" and that along with the lack of elevator, strange "upstairs" neighbor, and in-laws lead to laughs. I would not normally put myself in line to be a fan of either of these actors, but they are young and in top form in this feature. It is a romantic comedy that can drive me insane with chuckles and still fill my heart with love. A must see especially with the one you adore.

Ghostbusters - 1984
Jump ahead now 17 years to one of the funniest films ever made. Every chance I get to see it, I can never turn it down. How can you go wrong with a cast like Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, Rick Moranis and Sigourney Weaver? They all combine to deal out memorable lines that keep me laughing for hours after the movie ends. As the title suggests they are scientists that chase ghosts, comedy and science fiction - how can you go wrong…

Clue - 1985
Based on the board game, Clue is an uproarious farce with a huge ensemble cast that has created a film all of my friends and family have fallen in love with. The cast list is too long to list, but it includes Tim Curry, Michael McKean and the brilliant Madeline Kahn. The film revolves around the mysterious death of Mr. Boddy, and a house full of suspects. As they try to track down the solution the dialogue and action keep me hysterically laughing. A definite "can't miss" for anyone.

Real Genius - 1985
As stated in my e-pinion, this is by far Val Kilmer's best work. His witty one liners are classics that I find myself repeating to this day. Gabe Jarret plays the new genius on campus and this film revolves around Kilmer and Jarret's teaming. The timing and acting in this film make it a perfect comedy. If you missed it all those years ago, see it now!

The Money Pit - 1986
Tom Hanks stars, back when he was a comic actor, along with Shelly Long as a couple trying to renovate their dream house. Sort of based on the 1948 Mr. Blandings Builds His Dreamhouse this modern farce is heavy on the physical laughs. The house becomes a nightmarish project that threatens the inhabitants' relationship as well as their sanity. Critically not a success, but I don't really care - It makes me die laughing every time I see it.

The Princess Bride - 1987
Based on the 1973 novel by William Goldman (also a must read) this film is in a class all its own. This film shines in part because of the on screen chemistry of its stars, especially between Cary Elwes, Mandy Patinkin and Andre' the Giant. The author of the novel wrote the screenplay, so I am sure that helped too. It is a fairy tale of sorts that includes a great cast and a funny plot. This is the film that endeared me to Cary Elwes and made me like Robin Wright!

Johnny Stecchino - 1991
My only foreign entry on the laugh list, this is a Roberto Benigni film, pre - Life is Beautiful. In it you get to see his comic genius unleashed. Not as serious as his most famous pic, this is a slapstick/silly movie. You can catch his wife in a starring role as well, so there is a bit of romance mixed in. Benigni plays a simple guy who ends up being a dead wringer for a local gangster. Needless to say this gets him trouble - watch out for the scene about the banana, hysterical. This film proves that Benigni knows comedy - in any language.

Mallrats - 1995
In sort of a departure for Kevin Smith, this film is 100% a comedy that presents you with a bit more typical Hollywood laughs. That does not make it bad, on the contrary it makes it my favorite Smith film when I want to laugh. Jason Lee, as usual, is the stand out here. His bit about the kid on the escalator is hilarious. Even if you did not like Clerks you should catch this one. Ben Affleck and Shannen Doherty switch typical roles and you end up liking Doherty by the climax of the film - crazy.

Shakespeare in Love - 1998
This fictional account of William Shakespeare's creative process behind 'Romeo and Juliet' works out to be a great comedy. It propelled its stars into super stardom and fought its way through the year's oscars. I find it intellectually extremely funny. There is romance at the center of the plot, but the puns and jokes made at the bard's expense are priceless. Even if you don't get the "inside" jokes, its still full of fun.

And perhaps my most controversial choice -

Muppets from Space - 1999
I have to be honest here and put this in my top ten. There are few other movies that can drive me to laughter no matter what mood I am in. I am a sci-fi nut and have always loved the muppets…mix those two together and this is what you get. By far the best thing about this film is Pepe the King Prawn, okay. It left me chuckling at the one liners all day while Pepe and the other gem - the government agent bear Rentro - over shadow any weak spots the film may have. Give it a try!

That's all folks, check out my other top tens coming soon!

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