Julia wins again in "Notting Hill"

Jan 26, 2000

I personally believe that "Notting Hill" is definitely one of the BEST movies of not only the year but of the decade.
Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant seem to have been the PERFECT picks for this
warm, romantic comedy. As much as Julia shines in her performance, I have to say that "Spike" was my all time favorite characters. His character is HILARIOUS, goofy, pretty much "not all too bright", but caring and warm at the same time.
This is a must see movie for all movie buffs, whether you "Love" Julia Roberts or "Hate" her...whether you "Like" Hugh Grant or can't stand him...
The cast of "Notting Hill" are truly hilarious with their British accents.
Definitely worth renting. I loved it so much that I had to buy so that I could enjoy it ANY time that I wanted to!!! I should also add...it's NOT just a "chick-flick" my husband and brother-in-law enjoy the movie very much!

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