Movies from the last melinia

Apr 1, 2000

the top ten movies on my list are:
Stuart little-this movie was cute. It did real justice to the book.The little chid in this movie was great.
Wild Wild West- Will smith was great in this move.All though it wasn't much like the tv show.
The faculty- This was a great movie. I love how they made the teachers into the aliens. It invokes the right to valadate the dreams of a child to get their teachers because you could swear they were from mars.
American Pie- Very funny movie.this is the classic high school tale of the persuit of se3x.
The matrix- excellent effects in this movie. The story kind of gave me chills.
Office Space- Excellent! it is what everyone wants to do. just take off and be lazy.
simply irresistable- I love this movie. The story was a beautiful love story.
Never been kissed- Drew goes to school in desguise and gain the life she wished she had in high school.
Tarzan- the animation was great and the sound track was great.
Bicentenial man- Robin Williams was great in this movie.The story to gain freedow always touches my heart.

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