Top Ten Worst 90s Movies: The worst of the worst

Jun 14, 2000

In the process of the research for Top Ten 90s Movies I found several movies that I didn't enjoy very much as well. I'm sure that there are some worse movies that the ones I'm about to tell you that came out in the 90s, because obviously if I didn't like the preview on television then I didn't go see the movie. And of course a person can't see EVERY movie that comes out in the 90s. Man that would be nice, I would have a bunch of epinions written. Anyway enough it is, my Top Ten Worst Movies of the 90s:

10.) Wild Wild West (1999):

Will Smith's worst. This movie is supposed to be a comedy but I did everything but laugh. And to think that I actually thought that this movie would be good. Will should stick to rapping where he makes tons more money than he does producing crazy movies like this one.

09.) The Mummy (1998):

A classic tale renewed in this poor movie. The special effects were horrible. It looked like the effects were still in the making and not yet available for print. This movie is a big waste of money which is shown by it's length of time at the box office. I believe it spent maybe a week or so there.

08.) Godzilla (1998):

This is sorry attempt at a remake of a wonderful classic movie. I never saw the point of a big monster climbing a building and stealing a girl until I say the original movie and this just made my high hopes sink drastically. I expected a great movie just like the classic but it's far from that.

07.) Beavis and Butthead Do America (1996):

What the...? That's all I have to say about this one. These guys are a bunch of idiots and the only reason I watched this movie was because I went with a friend's little brother who just HAD to see this one. I wasn't impressed. These to character's antics are supposed to be funny? All they do is say "Uh-uh, uh-huh, huh-huh." What kind of movie is that?

06.) Blair Witch Project (1999):

I could go out in my backyard with a video camera and make a movie with the quality of this one. This is about as good of quality movie as my home videos. I cannot believe that critics and viewers actually enjoyed this movie. I got dizzy and couldn't watch this movie from all the bouncing up and down during the running with the video camera. This movie is horrible and I would not recommend it to anyone due to the motion sickness involved.

05.) The Haunting (1999):

Another horrible attempt at a re-make of a classic horror movie. I've decided that any attempt of a re-make of wonderful movies from the past are going to be horrible and I'm not even going to waste my money on going to see them anymore. This is the story of Haunted Hill House and the exciting and scary events that happen here. If you enjoy this one then you will really enjoy the 1963 classic.

04.) The Thin Red Line (199):

When I rented this movie I expected something very familiar to Spielberg's Saving Private Ryan but as you notice Saving Private Ryan made my best list and The Thin Red Line made my worst list. It is nowhere similar and in fact is a piece of junk. There is no action, well virtually there is no anything it's boring. Good movie to fall asleep to.

03.) The Spice Girls (1998):

I thought that the band was bad enough but I was wrong the movie was worse. I think that this movie was about the Spice's adventures in Paris. I may be wrong because I fell asleep after the first boring hour of the movie. I can remember enough to tell you not to see it though.

02.) Inspector Gadget (1999):

The cartoon comes to life in this movie. I never was a big fan of Inspector Gadget when I was a kid and I'm not that big of a fan toward the movie as well. It's about a guy that has special gadgets that he can do stuff with. In a weird way a great movie title sums up this movie: "Mission Impossible."

01.) An American Werewolf in Paris (1997):

How can you make a movie with this title? You probably thinking well it's about a werewolf who is from America who goes to Paris. Well it's not, it's about 3 guys and their "daredevil" tour in Europe especially on the Eiffel Tower. A real boring movie.

To me it is weird that several of these movies were made in 1999. I may be wrong about some of the dates that I listed but I feel they are pretty accurate. Nineteen-ninety-nine was a horrible year for movies. There were a few good ones but this list basically covers Worst of 1999 as well. Thanks!

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