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The 10 Best Biblical Movies

What are the 10 best biblical films? Please rank your list and briefly (2 to 4 sentences per choice) justify why they make the list?

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by janesbit1
Apr 12, 2001 Greatest Biblical Films (not entirely traditional)
While the 1950's are widely remembered for their Biblical epics, other films from other areas actually have far greater spiritual impact.... read full review
Very Helpful

by deaser26
Jun 13, 2001 Many Countries, Many Followings, Many Bibles
That is my list of movies that inspire. Some are directly Christian Biblical, some aren't - either way you are only going to find me looking for God's love.... read full review
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by johnenfield
Aug 27, 2004 The Best Movies Based on the Best Book Of All Time
I highly recommend watching all of these movies. Even more importantly though, I recommend reading the Bible and taking everything it says to heart. ... read full review
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