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Daewoo DR-200 Picks Up The Slack

Jan 15, 2000 (Updated Jan 15, 2000)
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Pros:Best of all worlds.

Cons:The supply is drying up quick!

The Daewoo DR-200 is the best of all worlds. This version of the Korean military's K-2 was imported by Kimber of America during the early to late 90's and fills the void in the Daewoo K-2 world created by the Clinton Assault Weapon Ban of 1993. Although this version comes with a thumbhole and a "fake" flash suppressor, it is still basically a K-2 at heart.

The great thing about the K-2 family is the way that all the great fighting firearms of the world have been wrapped up in one gun. The Daewoo has a hybrid gas system of an AK and an L1A1, the trigger, magazine, and bolt group are based off of the M-16, and the buffer assembly is almost identical to the HK G-3/MP5 family. All this makes for the finest .223 assault gun on the planet.

At current writing, the DR-200 is not imported anymore. Kimber stopped importing these beautiful guns in the late part of 1996, but there are still thousands floating around at gun shows and in some shops. My advice to anyone wanting one of the guns someday is do not wait. Pick one up as soon as you see it, they are going to start drying up quickly!

Long and short: Get rid of your AR-15 and get a Daewoo. They take the same mags, but the Daewoo is a superior weapon!

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