Jul 19, 2000

I am the 3rd. generation of our family operating a footwear retail outlet.
My grandfather started in 1913.
While we agree many non footwear items are appropriate for online purchase,
we recommend care in purchasing footwear other than in person and always
trying on both shoes, both sitting and standing.

We don't believe footwear can be safely purchased
on a "remote" basis and are pleased to see many other Footwear retailers
agree with us.

There are a great many reasons for this, all detailed at our website, including

1. No-one has two identical feet.
Footwear is, what we call, a critical fit item.
Unlike trousers, shirts and the like, simple
alterations to accommodate fit problems are
often not possible.

2. There is no standard shoe size.
3. Far to often a poor choice of footwear is
made e.g. a running shoe used for a court sport.
4. Not only the length and width of the foot are
important - consideration must be given to the
shape (last) e.g. instep, arch, bunions etc.
5. The best quality, and therefore usually the
most expensive, shoe should be for all day use,
not the rarely used dress shoe.
6. Consideration should be given to wear versus
comfort -price is a very poor indicator of the
likely wear rate.

Please see our Web site for more information.

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