Diving for Artifacts.

Dec 22, 1999

I learned to SCUBA dive some years ago and was told that some people Wreck dive. Well I'm from the Southwest corner of Georgia and the nearest wrecks are a 3-4 hour drive just to the water. But 2 years ago I was introduced to a different kind of wreck diving which is known as diving for artifacts. Almost any diver can find a river within a 2 hour drive which will produce both adventure and excitement. As for myself, I'm lucky enough to have the Flint River in my backyard. This river has produced artifact from several years back to several million years back. Indian Artifacts, Bottles, Shark Teeth, Whale Bones, Mastadon Teeth, and numerous other items are just a few things of what one can find just waiting to be found and some of these items can be sold to collectors. The only thing you have to do is find a river that has been there for some time. It doesn't have to be a big or small river just explore. Next find some shoals (where the rocks have gathered together). Then dive in and start looking. Carry a dive bag with you and anything that appears to be something put it in the bag. You can sort through the stuff when you get back to the boat.You might need a light too depending on how deep you dive and the visibility of the water. The only bad thing about this is some states have restrictions on artifact collecting so check with your local Department of Natural Resources to see what your state law is. Also check out web site that have arrowheads and artifacts located in the pages to get an idea of what your hunting for. The best part is the excitement of the dive and being the owner of an artifact from years past. Happy Diving.

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