Skin So Soft...Fleas Be Gone??

Sep 1, 2000

When I was a teenager I had a little poodle/terrier mix puppy named Micky. He was not a very attractive little dog, but he was my boy! He had scraggly, curly black hair and he came to about my ankles. He only liked my mom my stepfather and me at the time. Anyone that came to my house would have to run around the house from him for a few minutes before Micky would just give up and sit on his favorite step until they left.

Micky would attract fleas like no other dog I had ever had before. I remember my mom buying flea and tick products every week. The fleas would go away, and come back shortly afterwards. We lived on a farm at the time surrounded by a huge field and wooded area. When Micky would go outside, of course the fleas would jump at him. So nothing really prevented them from coming back. Until.... My mom heard from a friend that putting Skin So Soft from Avon on him after his bath, would keep away the fleas.

So off to the Avon rep we went. We ordered one bottle the first time. After it arrived we quickly bathed Micky and dried him off, then sprayed the Skin So Soft all over his body and behind his ears, where the fleas liked to hide. We sent him outside for his nightly romp and when he came back in we inspected him thoroughly. Not one flea. Wow!!!

Micky was not the only one happy, we were too!! No more flea bites on our ankles and hands, and Micky wasn't scratching constantly. He could enjoy his long walks in the pastures without the worries of little bugs jumping in his fur. One problem we did have was the dirt and dust sticking to his fur more often. This meant more baths, but that was ok because Micky enjoyed his baths and that made it easy. And besides..the Skin So Soft kept his fur soft and shiny, so it didn't dry out from the many baths.

Iím not sure if it is the soft smell of it, or the oily texture, but there is definitely something about this product that keeps fleas away!! Skin So Soft is an Avon product, and Iím not sure if you can buy it anywhere else but Avon, but Iím sure you could ask around. This is NOT a product made specifically for flea control, so if you decide to try it, be careful your pet doesnít lick it or get it in his or her eyes. Skin So Soft is an after bath moisturizer if I remember correctly. It has an oily texture and soft smell, which does get old after a while! Itís definitely not a product I would buy to keep my skin so soft because of the smell, although it does keep your skin soft, it makes it oily as well. But, if I ever had a flea problem again, I would definitely find my nearest Avon rep and get Skin So Soft.

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