Tetra Tropical Crisps 6.53oz Reviews

Tetra Tropical Crisps 6.53oz

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TetraMin Tropical Crisps Fish Food contains unique food crisps float on water longer, giving aquarium fish more time to nibble. Up to 35% less waste. ...
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Nutritionally-fortified crisps take the guesswork out of feeding your fish. The outer edge of each crisp contains essential nutrients and center conta...
Drs. Foster & Smith
Store Rating: 5.0
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Tetra TetraMin Tropical Crisps: 6.53 oz #77173 TetraMin Crisps take the guesswork out of feeding your fish. Simply feed one Crisp per lateral inch of ...
Store Rating: 4.5
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TETRA TROPICAL COLOR CRISPS 6.53 OZ FISH FOOD. ONE PER PURCHASE...UPC: 046798771739 Vendor: Tetra USA Inc.Crisps with a concentrated color enhancing c...
Store Rating: 4.0
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