Dansk 9-in. Bistro Christianshavn Salad Plate - 07302CL Reviews
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Dansk 9-in. Bistro Christianshavn Salad Plate - 07302CL

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With double bands of navy blue, this white-bodied plate can be used to create a variety of table settings. Use it with a white lace tablecloth for a m...
Store Rating: 2.5
+$9.95 shipping
Tasteful and tailored blue banded dinnerware by Dansk. Inspired by the unique Copenhagen neighborhood of Christianshaven. Salad plate is 9 in diameter...
Store Rating: 1.5
+$6.00 shipping
Don't let the name throw you this porcelain plate is pure white, with just an accent of blue. Its simple design makes it easy to use with other colors...
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Dansk 07302CL Christianshavn is a trendy neighborhood in Copenhagen, noted for its mix of old and new architecture. And, like its namesake, our Bistr...
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