Gilmour 10 - 34050 3/4x50ft Flexogen Hose (034411112076) Reviews
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Gilmour 10 - 34050 3/4x50ft Flexogen Hose (034411112076)

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GARDEN: Gilmour's 10 - 34050 3/4 x 50 ft Flexogen Hose

Mar 5, 2010
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Pros:kink resistant


The Bottom Line: Flexogen features reinforced double tire cord for greater muscle.

Gilmour's 10 - 34050 3/4 x 50 ft Flexogen Hose is a dandy, all weather, 8 ply garden hose for carrying water from source to work or irrigation location.

Machined Full-Flo brass couplings are sealed and treated to protect the hose against mold.

My Rube Goldberg irrigation set up encompassing four, lengthy, central hoses, in addition to a flock of derivative ones, and a bucket of possibles including on/off valves, Quick Connectors and the like; is a true plumbing nightmare. On the other hand, not wanting to dig trenches, hire work done, or not have flowers and planting pockets in the area surrounding the house led to my utilizing the single water source spigot at the rear of the house as well as my hoses ETC, while not pretty, does get the job done pretty competently.

Gilmour Group's Flexogen Water Hoses having inner diameter of 5/8 inches is a tad pricey, nevertheless this highly adept water hose for home gardening use is backed with a humdinger warranty. I have not had reason to test the warranty, but, am happy that it is there should the need arise.

Super for an extensive assortment of home and garden uses, Gilmour's  rofessional grade Flexogen hose delivers more than 500 PSI burst strength making the Flexogen hoses high-performance hose, floatable and somewhat lightweight. I say somewhat because all water hoses in the hands of petite humans tend to be somewhat heavier than in the hands of robust, taller humans.

Flexogen features reinforced double tire cord for greater muscle, the O-ring seal provides security against leaks while supple construction lends to ease while coiling hose and easy handling, and as an added bonus the Flow Guard Plus collar helps prevent kinks, I like that. There is little more annoying during a gardening session than trying to track down what is restricting water flow as I hurry to get watering done amidst pruning, cultivating and tending to plants.

Soon after moving to our 10 acres of house, barn, pasture and acre of alleged yard we bought a series of water hoses at the local farm supply store. Those hoses worked fine during that first summer of use, however they were already showing signs of wear and weathering by the following spring.

I am steadily replacing all water hoses in our yard with various lengths of 25 to 100 feet of Gilmour Flexogen Water Hoses. Gilmour does offer Flexogen hoses in lengths of 25 feet to 250 feet. The 25, 50 and 100 foot lengths are easier for me to move than are some those longer ones.

Less costly hoses have proven good for a season or so, however using the Gilmour Flexogen Hoses means less replacement and less stress trying to unkink hoses or deal with resistant stiff, winter hardened hose material come spring.

As with all long hoses; the longer length Gilmour water hoses are a tad difficult to pull any distance. I lay longer length hoses where I intend they will remain without need for moving them. Should I need a length beyond, then I use Quick Couplers to attach a shorter length hose, pull it to the spot where I want to use it, and unclip the shorter length when the irrigation is completed.

Happy to recommend Gilmour Flexogen Water Hoses.


Per the Gilmour site: Gilmour stands behind their hoses with a substantial guarantee: If Flexogen hose does not give the user complete satisfaction, the manufacturer will replace the hose free of charge (industrial and commercial users are excluded).

For free replacement, cut off both coupling ends and send them, postage prepaid, to Gilmour, Excelsior Springs Division, 140 Corum Road, Excelsior Springs, MO 64024. Be sure to include a piece of paper containing your name and address, as well as the diameter and length of the hose needing to be replaced. Should you have any questions, contact Customer Service at 1-800-458-0107.

Reviewed by Molly's Reviews
molly martin

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From the Gilmour webpage:  The plant that makes "the last hose you'll ever buy" was a much different business when it was founded in 1947. Although they were plastic, the products were injection-molded parts for everything from can opener housings to pantyhose containers and car parts.

Gilmour is an innovative developer and manufacturer of four full lines of American-made lawn and garden products. Focused on the gardener's needs, the company creates tools that are efficient, effective, comfortable and easy to use. 
Watering changed forever in 1949 when Robert Gilmour began Gilmour Manufacturing Company and introduced the first pistol grip nozzle. A new owner would continue the focus on quality and innovation. With a focus on garden hoses, the company set the standard for quality with the introduction of its patented Flexogen hose.

Gilmour now is headquartered in Somerset, Pennsylvania, home of the original Gilmour plant, with additional manufacturing in Excelsior Springs, Missouri. With a rich history of gardening innovation, Gilmour constantly challenges itself to meet the needs of gardeners for today and tomorrow.

Gilmour is now part of Robert Bosch Tool Company.

Gilmour Group
P.O. Box 838
 492 Drum Ave
 Somerset, PA 15501

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