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Cosmos European Highlights(13 days)

Jul 23, 2007
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Pros:If you do the optional excursions yourself, this is still value for money.

Cons:Already mentioned above

The Bottom Line: Read reviews of other tours, before taking a final decision. If I had to choose this tour, I would be better prepared to do the optional tours by myself.

*Most of the time was spent on the coach, travelling
*Accomodation provided was sometimes good, but more often than not, bed & breakfast type; some hotels were extremely bad eg. Waldorf(Rome)
*Included city tours in most cases inadequately covered the main attractions; the local tour guides, though good, showed 2-3 attractions and were there with us for 2-3 hours in each case
*Optional excursions were extremely expensive; one could do the same excursions on one's own at a fraction of the charge.
*Tour guide was more of a strict teacher, with very little sensitivity to the needs of the touring passengers
*The design of the tour was such that it tended to penalize people who did not opt for the optional excursions
*They tend to bunch up several Cosmos groups at some places to derive economies of scale. This delayed the tour at some points, as some of the other Cosmos groups arrived late.
*Bunching up of several Cosmos groups made life very difficult at several hotels which had extremely tiny lifts
*The tour was quite hectic; one needed to wake up every morning at 6am, and was on the road by 7.30am; the bus left without some members who turned up late by a few minutes

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Best Suited For: Families
Tour format: Bus
Tour length: Over a Week
Tour type: Group

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