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Do not use Funjet!

May 24, 2003
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Cons:unorganized, not helpful, do not care about customers

The Bottom Line: Funjet is cheap for a reason: they use the most unorganized people I have ever encountered. They could care less about the dream vacation that you are looking forward to!

My fiance and I turned to funjet for our very first real vacation together. We were very excited and hopeful.
My parents had gone to Playa del Carmen, Mexico the year before and had given us details about where to go and stay. We went to the travel agent and told her we wanted to stay at the Porto Real, ocean view, and she was aware that we were engaged. She told us to arrive at the airport 1.5 hours before takeoff, and our flight was at 7:30 am. No problem, except for the fact that our airline (Allegro) must have only 2 planes, because we were told that one broke down. We were stuck at the airport until 2:30 pm. We live in Houston, so it is not a long flight in the first place. The airline was a joke! The a.c. did not work, the plane was old and dirty. I have been on several planes and experienced several different weather conditions, etc. but I have never been so scared that a plane would fall apart mid-sky. It shook and vibrated so bad! When we landed in Cancun, we waited some more through customs (2 hours). It was a little hectic getting on the bus, but not too bad. The bus does provide refreshments, but does not let you know you have to pay until you get off (maybe I am naive in this part). Also while on the bus, you are informed that you have an appointment with a representative that night to set up your tours, etc. After 12 hours of traveling, the last thing I wanted to do was see or talk to anyone. Once we got to the hotel, we checked in and found out our room had a lovely view of the back loading dock ( no ocean) and had 2 twin beds. We went downstairs to complain and they said that the funjet rep had set it up for 2 twin beds. We could have our room the next night since there were no ocean view 1 bed rooms available that night, but we would have to pay extra. At that point, I could care less, paid the extra money, and decided to deal with it when we got back. On a side note, another couple that we met were on their honeymoon and also were given 2 twin beds. They too had trusted funjet. The rest of the trip was wonderful, until we had to come home. Once again we were held up due to mechanical problems and were stuck at the airport for 3 hours. On the way back no a.c. When we went to land in Houston, we touched down on the ramp for a moment and then the pilot immediately pulled up and we were in the air once again. We circled for another 15 minutes before landing. Come to find out the pilot landed out of turn and we almost were rear ended by another plane. Of course since we were late, we had to have stairs delivered to us and that was a 1/2 hour wait. Once inside the airport (FINALLY!) it was announced that our luggage was lost and we waited for 2 hours before it was finally found. And for all of our troubles, and the hours we spent on the phone arguing and complaining, we received a $50.00 certificate good towards another, wonderful, funjet vacation, with a 1 year expiration.

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