JC Whitney 1/2" Drive Dual Scale Torque Wrench (101012007926)

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Micrometer Adjustable Torque Wrench 1/2 inch drive A Very Good Precision Tool to Have!

Dec 30, 2007 (Updated Dec 31, 2007)
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Pros:Use once and you have mastered it. Easy! Very durable build quality.

Cons:Measurements can be difficult to read. No online manual or manufacturer website.

The Bottom Line: Price seems ridiculously low considering build quality and ease of use. Torque wrenches can be very expensive!

What is a torque wrench?
A torque wrench is used to exert an exacting amount of pressure on a nut, bolt, screw, etc.
Torque is measured in distance over weight.
A common torque measurement in the US is foot-pounds. Also abbreviated as “FT-LBS”
Other frequently used torque measurements are: Inch-Pounds, Kilogram-Meters (KGM), and Newton-Meters(NM).

Going into any further detailed depth regarding the definition of “torque” and this review could quickly become extremely long.

2 basic things I recommend you know about torquing a nut, bolt, screw, etc.
a) How to use a torque wrench.
b) The necessary torque to be applied.

Why is torque important?
Well it depends on the job at hand, if torque is necessary.

Example: Your screwing a light bulb into a socket.
Torque is not important in this example, all you need to do is tighten the bulb enough to make proper contact with the socket.

Example: The tires on your car should always be properly torqued to manufacturer specifications.
Incorrect torquing of tire bolts can lead to premature warping of rotors (think brakes!), incorrect wear patterns on tires, loss of fuel efficiency, and other problems.

I had all 4 tires replaced on my 2004 Honda Accord V6 Sedan (click for review) on 12-10-05 (yes, I keep a log). I decided to check the torque specification for my tire lug nuts in the car manual (72 ft-lbs). I proceeded to check all 20 lug nuts on my 4 tires. They were not set to 72 ft-lbs!

Thanks to the Micrometer Adjustable Torque Wrench, I could set all lug nuts properly and sleep with one less worry in this world.

- This torque wrench is adjustable from 10 ft-lbs to 150ft-lbs (up to 20.7 KGM)
- FT-LBS are listed on one side of the handle and Kilogram-Meters are listed on the other side of handle.
- It has a 1/2 inch drive.
- Tool is 18 inches long
- It is made of Nickle Chrome Alloy Steel.
- “Knurled Handle” for easy grip when setting torque and using wrench.
- It is a “click style” wrench which is known to be superior to “beam style”.
- Socket can tighten (with torque) and also loosen like a normal wrench.

MY OPINION with notes regarding above section
1/2 inch drive (on tool) is best suited for automotive application and similar work, however you can easily buy a socket adapter set and use 1/4 or 3/8 inch sockets also, these sets typically cost about $5 at a local automotive store.

I personally measured the following: Neck is 1 inch wide, Socket area is 1 inches wide, and handle area is 1
inch wide.
Wrench composition is very strong and well machined. Neck has brilliant silver lustre appearance and is very smooth. Handle is ribbed (aka “Knurled”) and serves two purposes: setting torque and also gripping tool when using. Socket area is set nicely into tool and very well constructed overall. Clicking mechanism is predictable and provides the user with confidence.

18 inch length of this wrench provides excellent leverage when in use.
Example: Applying a higher torque setting to a lug nut like 100 ft-lbs is not very difficult. It will require some effort but you don't need to have herculean strength.

Click style torque wrenches (such as this one) are far superior to beam style torque wrenches (the ones with triangular scales) in my opinion. They are easier to set torque on tool and easier to apply precision setting to your job while in use with no imperfections.

Hang up hook located at bottom of unit on locking nut is very useful for placing this tool on a pegboard. It’s also helpful for turning locking nut.

Use this tool properly once and you have now mastered it.
If you have never used a torque wrench before, there is nothing to be intimidated or overwhelmed by. Especially a well constructed torque wrench like this one!

The manual is one page with type printed on both sides and contains 2 small illustrations. Page is 5 wide by 8 long (yep, I measured!).
Font page contains directions and cautions
Back page only contains a conversion table for cross referencing metric and imperial torque settings.

Usage instructions in manual are detailed and somewhat confusing to say the least.
I will provide a much easier to read instruction on use:

1) Unlock handle by turning lock nut counter clockwise.
”Lock nut” is located at the very bottom of the tool, it faces the ground when tool is upright in your hand and is black in color
2) Set amount of torque necessary by turning tool handle.
Handle spins counter clockwise to increase torque and clockwise to decrease torque (this is not a misprint: opposite of righty tighty, lefty loosey). Handle has numbers 0-9 on it with hash marks on each number. Neck of wrench has increments of ten (ex. 50, 60, 70).
To set 30 ft-lbs of torque: Spin handle counter clockwise until the "0" vertical line on handle aligns perfectly with the "30" horizontal dash on neck of tool.
To set 34 ft-lbs of torque: Spin handle counter clockwise until it reaches "30" horizontal dash on the neck, continue spinning past the 30 until the "4" vertical line on handle is reached.

3) Lock the handle (and your torque setting) by tightening the locking nut located at the bottom of the tool.
4) Now attach the correct size socket to the 1/2 inch drive on the tool.
5) Apply tool to nut, bolt, etc. Grab handle and pull tool (tighten) until a click is heard and felt.
6) Immediately stop pulling on wrench once this click is heard and felt. You just set the torque to spec!


When your torque wrench is not in use, I highly recommend locking the torque setting on handle to 20 ft-lbs. This is not described as necessary in the manual, but I read this information awhile back. Doing so should prolong the lifespan of your torque wrench because the spring inside is under tension.

PER MANUAL: Never turn handle below lowest torque setting
PER MANUAL: Wrench was calibrated and tested before leaving the factory and is accurate to within plus/minus 4%.
PER MANUAL: Clean wrench by wiping, never immerse in any type of cleaner!

I purchased this torque wrench for about $25 from Wal-mart over one year ago.
Under $30 for a precision torque wrench is very cheap!
Not to mention it is still in perfect working order!

Scale is not easily visible when setting torque. Tool is silver and scale is engraved in the silver. Improper lightening and you may need a flashlight to make your torque settings.

Hello Micrometer people, you out there? I can’t find your website via Googling. And www.micrometer.com does not belong to the Micrometer Tool Company.

I give 4.5 out of 5 stars for these reasons. (4.5 star individual rating is not an option on Epinions, so I put 4)
However, tool works brilliantly when you overcome these cons.

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Thanks for reading my review!

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