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2005 Tiburon

Overall rating:  Product Rating: 4.0

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This is the most well rounded sports car for undrer 21K

by tcomdave:      Jun 24, 2006

Product Rating: 5.0 Recommended: Yes 

Pros: This is the whole deal and a really balanced, predictable, composed sports car.
Cons: Mileage, maybe. But fun don't come cheap, son.
The Bottom Line: Test it. You'll buy it. Trust me. If only dating were this easy!!! lol

I've owned my 'Tib for about 8 months now and every day I'm more impressed with how much performance Hyundai built into this car for under 21K (and I got mine for much, much less than that!!). This is a composed, predictable, and well-mannered sports coupe. That sounds like a insult to some, but it is the highest compliment I can give a sports car. I've continually pushed this car harder and harder and it never shrinks from the challenge. On winding Oregon roads, through the mountain, to the coast, I've taken this car out and tested it. It's always been willing and able. There are cars out there that can out-do the 'Tib on certain aspects, be it acceleration, braking, or cornering, but none of them have the total package for this kind of price.
Now, let's talk about style. I'm stopped almost daily with a question or a comment about how hot my car looks (and yes, I have put a couple of mods to it, but it started out a looker and it's only gotten better). This is such a great design. It starts out as a really well designed chassis, and with a couple of mods, watch out!! People slight on the v6 because of the HP, but that's not the number that matters. Look at the torque. It pushes you back in the seat, and that's the important part. It pulls hard through the power band and looks good doing it. As far as quality is concerned, don't listen to the people who think this is the same Hyundai from a decade ago. They've really built a quality product and their warranty is an indication of that (you don't warranty a product for 100K if it can only go 70).
Performance, value, and beauty. A great combination.
Product Rating: 5.0
Recommended: Yes 

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