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2005 Murano

Overall rating:  Product Rating: 5.0

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Wow - More than I expected !!

by thrillhammer:      Oct 18, 2005

Product Rating: 5.0 Recommended: Yes 

Pros: Style in and out,smooth ride, sound system, fuel economy, excellent drivetrain.
Cons: Wipers (can't lift) Small sunroof.
The Bottom Line: If you want an SUV this is the one to get. Well priced, great quality, proven engine. Put one in your driveway.

This is my first SUV. Trading in a 2003 Maxima SE on a 2005 Murano AWD SE.

The styling inside and out is in my humble opinion second to none. Well appointed cabin and easily read and utilized switches and instrument panels. The electronic (without NAV system) is very complex but relatively easy to use once you spend a bit of time with the owners manual.

The sound system is the best I have yet to hear in a motor vehicle. If you like your music as much as you like to drive this system will not let you down. Pay the extra for the Satellite radio and you will be in heaven. Looks clean, plays clean and sounds clean.

Since I live in Canada (brrrr) I was disappointed that this unit does not come with a heated steering wheel, something that was just great in my Maxima. The heated seats in this unit though warm faster and seem to have a better (more comfortable) medium and high setting than on my Maxima.

I can not yet comment on the dual heating/cooling system but look forward to using it when my wifes hot flashes start up.

The sunroof in this unit is somewhat small and does not open up to the full width that I think it should. I would have a hard time standing up in this unit partying if I am ever in Vegas.

Interior storage space in the cabin area is somewhat small but I find it adequate for my use. I do like the expandable storage available in the two front doors, this increases the accessibility and storage. Also great for cleaning.

Drivetrain - Is truly amazing. Those of you who are Nissan fans , nothing needs to be said about the 3.5 V6 engine. Wards says it all year after year with their best engine awards. The Xtronic CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) is soooo smooth and a real pleasure to drive. Add to this the increased fuel economy it is truly a no brainer. I have yet to really use the fake shifter type thing that allows you to pretend that you have real gears , but another owner I know says it really adds power when he is passing. Personally I don't think you need any more power , but is there ever too much.

A bit of tire noise is a small complaint, but utilize the great sounding stereo and you won't notice it.

Headlights are truly BRIGHT, if you do any nitetime country driving you will see the wildlife much sooner that with regular headlights. Pay the price.

My only real gripe (and it is small) is that I can not lift the wipers up on this thing when the hood is closed. I like to clean my windshield with the wipers up and can't do it, don't know if it is an oversight or what.

My first SUV purchase was between this unit and a VW Touareg. From what I have since seen and read and heard, thank goodness I am now driving a Murano. Go get one today.!
Product Rating: 5.0
Recommended: Yes 

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