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2006 PT cruiser

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2006 PT Cruiser; Ok, so maybe it's not yet considered a man's vehicle!

by db54:      Nov 22, 2007 - Updated Mar 28, 2008

Product Rating: 4.0 Recommended: Yes 

Pros: head room front and back good. Acceleration is ok and handling is firm not agile.
Cons: Gas mileage ok not great -low gear ratio. spacy front but small trunk capacity.
The Bottom Line: At this price, having a "mini-me" to replace the Previa seems to be so far so good.

3/28/08 - Oh the web that car dealerships weave that are both deceptive and deceteful; What has unraveled is that the vehicle had been presented as just coming off of a lease when truth be told it was purchased at an auction. In tracing the vehicle backwards it appears that it came from the State of Indiana to an Auction House in Mass. Furthermore, it was originally listed as a rental car at a major car rental business according to CarFax. In discussing this recently with the dealership, a representative indicated that the sale agreement had been inadvertantly stamped as "leased". There was nothing indavertant... so when you buy a used car from the dealership ask to see the former title, check the tires for wear and especially hub caps (and other related items) to see if they are factory items or not. Why? In the case of aftermarket hubcaps, loose one then try to find the replacement. Incidently, the hubcap is how this sordid tale unraveled as when I ordered a factory cap, it didn't match. Who knew?

12/08/07 - Early review on winter driving (light). Holds the road well and has a decent turning ratio. One thing that I don't like is the back lights are on the side as much as the back-end. The backend protrudes outward and someone backing up in a parking lot has already creased the driver side but luckily missed the tail light. More to come.

But, the kids kid me on how I look in it as I am a stocky type so I put my USMC Sticker on the back! Will be back to update this after it goes through a New England Winter.

When looking to trade the toyota previa I found an internet special ($8997) at the same place where we obtained the pacifica (see other review). People tend to forget that car dealerships will offer these from time to time and they are very different from traditional advertised prices. Just remember to take a printed copy of the ad as it is usually for one specific car on the lot.

It was a 2006 4dr wagon, 2.4-liter Four turbo, 4-speed automatic and the rating for the 2006 is way better than it's predecessors. Consumer Digest indicated the following;

Trouble spots by year 06
Engine Major - - - Better
Engine Cooling - - Better
Transmission Major - Better
Transmission Minor - Better
Drive System - - - Good
Fuel System - - - Good
Engine Minor - - - Better
Electrical System - Better
Used Car Prediction Average

Government crash test on front & side (if equiped)were good to better and an overall 4 out of 5 rating.

I had read the other epinions on this since it was a Used Lease Vehicle with 24k miles on it. The prices range from $9,590 - $16,275 so I thought this was either a problem or just a good deal.

So far it's the latter! A couple of things to be aware of; A knee air bag is designed to protect the driver’s legs in a collision. Low upper anchors make rear safety belts uncomfortable for some. There is no head restraint in the center rear seating position.

Driving with kids. The rear safety belts are anchored too far forward to get a secure fit with some infant seats. But LATCH anchors are easy to find and LATCH seats with flexible straps can be secured in the center-rear position.

There are some things that you need to get use to; the push button door handles (of course many of us remember when that was the standard), The window buttons are in the center in the front and rear and it has a small gas tank capacity.

The PT Cruiser’s interior is well-assembled and feels sturdy. The large steering wheel tilts but does not telescope, so some drivers could not find an optimal driving position.The low roof and wide pillars limit front visibility, and large pillars create blind spots to the rear.

The firm front seats are comfortable, but thigh support for tall drivers is limited. The rear bench seat offers very good head and leg room for two passengers. Wide doors and high seats offer easy access, but the old-fashioned push-button door handles are difficult for some to use.

The gray-on-white gauges lack contrast. Most controls are simple to use. The shift lever at times slides past drive and the horn is hard-to-activate.

Interior storage is moderate. There are five cup holders. The 60/40-split rear seats fold flat with the rear floor or can tumble forward for more cargo space. They can also be removed, though their heavy weight makes them cumbersome. The front passenger seat folds to accommodate longer items. With the rear seats removed, we measured 32 cubic feet of cargo space.

Still haven't found the rear hatch opener from the passenger seat, there may not be one thus there is a danger if the back shelf is installed in the top position. Someone small enough could get locked in so you need to know where the backseat emergency release latch is.

Since this vehicle is more for the kids (17 & 16) they seem to like it so far. Of course, they like the CD/Radio (single CD changer). It also has satillite features for those service but they can get those with their own money! And if they keep picking on me about driving it, I might put another USMC sticker on it.

Amount Paid (US$): 8100
Condition: Used
Model Year: 2006
Model and Options: Chrysler PT Cruiser 2006 Limited wagon2.4-liter Four turbo, 4-speed au
Product Rating: 4.0
Recommended: Yes 
Build Quality  
Seat Comfort:  

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