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'07 Taurus

by flin1:      Feb 27, 2009

Product Rating: 4.0 Recommended: Yes 

Pros: Solid, cheap, reliable, big enough, safe enough, pretty enough, great cruise control system.
Cons: Does nothing particularly well.  Interior materials are on the cheap side but seem durable. 
The Bottom Line: This baby might fall into the "diamond in the rough" category.  For the price and what you actually get, it's very hard to beat. 

I bought this for my son who hated it and made me trade him for my '01 Camry LE.  Now it's my daily driver and, you know what? I've learned to like it!  Just hear me out.  This baby is a tribute to non-overengineering.  You know how Benz advertises their wipers are engineered work at 100 mph? Well I'm not gonna drive 100 in the rain so I don't need that.  Ever price parts for a Benz?  Crack a head lamp on this baby and you can fix it yourself in your garage with a $75 junk yard replacement part.  The ride is smooth and fairly quiet.  The seats are good enough.  The sound system is good enough.  The thing seems pretty solid and dependable and I get 26mpg, driving like an old lady.  It cleans up pretty well and looks kinda good.  Mine's light blue with those alloy wheels. Basically it's just a pretty good, reliable car with no real weaknesses...and no real strengths either.  Except you can pick one up still on factory bumper to bumper for under 10K.  I actually like it as well as the three Camrys I've driven for the last 20 years, 'cause it's just bigger and maybe a little quieter.
I'd definitely go looking for another one if I was in the market for a safe, reliable sedan. 
Amount Paid (US$): 10,000
Condition: Used
Model Year: 2007
Model and Options: se
Product Rating: 4.0
Recommended: Yes 
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