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2006 Accord

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Comparing the 4 cylinder Honda Accord EX to the 6 cylinder version

by bd_lin:      May 22, 2006 - Updated Feb 4, 2007

Product Rating: 4.0 Recommended: Yes 

Pros: Great Gas Mileage and decent power.
Cons: CD-Player has problem with burned CD's, no IPOD jack
The Bottom Line: Get the 4 cylinder for better mileage. The power is good enough.

Update: The CD-player has problem with burned CD's. On my car, the CD's start to skip towards the end. It seems to happen only on disc 1 and 2. I talked to Honda and they acknowledged this is a problem and is not covered. The CD-player plays non-burned CD's OK. The problem with the CD occurs after some repeated plays.So, there is no way you will be able to make sure the CD player is OK on the Accord and it is not guaranteed. If you play a lot of burned CD's, then be aware. This is more of a nuisance than anything else, but I am appalled that Honda has not addressed this problem. For the record, I have a subaru and Toyota which have no problem with burned CD's.

Other thing to notice in the handling of the Honda is that you can feel the road more on the Honda than the Toyota. You get used to it and I like driving the Honda Accord, but it is something to be aware of. Toyota seems to have a more comfortable suspension. The Honda more sporty.

Having to commute 60 miles a day, I decided to get a car that would get good gas mileage. However, I did not want to sacrifice performance or looks. I also wanted a mid-size family sedan.

In doing research on cars, I decided to get an Accord. The only other car I considered was the Hyundai Sonata because it was about $2000 cheaper and had a really good warranty. However, I wanted to get the 4 cylinder version in leather and Hyundai's 4 cylinder engine only came in cloth.

I decided against all hybrid cars because of the price premium on hybrids. In addition, the 4 cylinder Accord has about the same gas mileage than the Hybrid Accord ( which uses a 6 cylinder engine).

So I got the 4 cylinder Honda Accord EX with leather and have been quite happy with the purchase.

In making the choice, I was tempted to get the 6 cylinder engine, however, the improved gas mileage of the 4 cylinder was too much to pass up. Here are the comparisons I made.

4 cylinder vs 6 cylinder comparisons:

Price: 6 cylinder is about $2000 more than 4 cylinder engine.

Gas mileage: 4 cylinder gets 26/34 vs 20/29 mpg for the 6 cylinder. Average it out that comes to about 22% better mileage. In addition, you probably can drive about a 100 miles more on the 4 cylinder before you need to fill up the tank. The gas tank capacity for both models is 17.1 gallons.

Horsepower: The 4 cylinder has 166 hp, the 6 cylinder has 244 hp. The 6 cylinder has lots of punch. However, the 4 cylinder was good enough for me. With a family of four in it, you have good acceleration when going on the freeway or up a hill. The car never felt sluggish.

Vehicle Stability Assist: Comes with the 6 cylinder car. Not available with the 4 cylinder. However, if you are not driving in the snow or ice, I don't see this traction control as much of an advantage. I live in California and my Toyota Sienna has traction control. In the 5 years I have had that car,the traction control light has only gone off once. However, the traction control computer has died once and has cost me $1000 to replace.

Homelink: Only available on 6 cylinder car. Homelink allows you to program up to 3 garage door opener devices into a transmitter that is in the car. If you have multiple garage doors, it is very nice to have.

Wheel: 6 cylinder car comes with 17" wheels, 4 cylinder car comes with 16" wheels.

Reliability: Consumer Report had the 4 cylinder Accord rated more reliable than the 6 cylinder Accord.

Emissions: 6 cylinder is Ultra Low Emissons. 4 cylinder is rated as partial zero emissions (at least in California). So if you want to feel good about doing your little part to stop pollution, the 4 cylinder engine also creates less pollution.

So if you need to go fast , tow something, and want the vehicle stability assist, then the 6 cylinder car is definitely for you. However, for better gas mileage and decent power, I went with the 4 cylinder.

Good Feature on Accord (Both 4 cylinder and 6 cylinder EX models)

-Came with in dash 6 CD changer and XM satellite. I don't really like XM. Way too many channels. Too distracting to pick channels while driving.

-Can control Radio and CD player from steering wheel. Can't change the XM satellite channel from the steering wheel for some reason, you have to press the tune button on the radio.

-Rear seats fold down.

-6 cup holders. 2 in front. One on each rear door. And 2 more if you fold down the center armrest in the rear seat.


-Airbags: Lots of them. Front airbags, Front Side air bags. Side curtain airbags.

-Safety: 5 star Frontal rating, 4 star side rating, 4 star rollover resistance

-Dual Zone climate control

-Oil Change light. The Accord comes with an alarm that tells you when to change the oil. You or the maintenance guy can reset the alarm after you do an oil change.

-Heated Front seats.

Bad Features

No Direct Ipod Attachment: Probably will come someday. For $600 though, the dealer will add one for you.

Oil Filter: Like most Honda's, the oil filter is in a bad spot if you want to change the oil yourself. It is deep under the car and you will need a jack or car ramps to change it.

Boring: Everyone has an Accord.

Buying the Car:
I hate bargaining, so I use CarsDirect.com. They give you an actual price. My price was about $1000 under invoice. I ended up getting quotes from two different carsdirect dealers and one of them was willing to go $100 lower than the carsdirect price.Was it the best price? Probably not, but I'm sure it wasn't the worst. If you use carsdirect, you end up dealing with the internet sales manager at the dealership. Don't go to the normal sales people as they will want to get a commission.
Product Rating: 4.0
Recommended: Yes 

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