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Hyundai Elantra

by patsfan00:      Aug 17, 2006

Product Rating: 5.0 Recommended: Yes 

Pros: Fast
Cons: None
The Bottom Line: Price, and quickness are great.

I test drove this, and liked it a lot! Its a nice car. The price is good too, which is good for lots of people. Where else can you buy a car for 13,000 dollars with lots of stuff? Nowhere! That is why I like it, and I might buy it. It is a good car, that should last a long time. Maybe not as long as a Honda, but over 100,000 miles.(That's how long the warrenty is, so probably thats where it will stop. Just like all machines.)

Its comfy. I noticed this when sitting in it, and didn't want to leave the seats! They are great. You almost sink into the front seats, and the back seats are great too. Are you tall? You'll fit in it! I've seen bigger cars with less room, so if you play center, you can stand a long drive in the Elantra.

This car is fast. No, its not a Corvette! It moves quickly in town, and I gunned it on the highway. The engine roars like a train, and can take a lot of pedal to the floor. Its quiet, at all speeds. You might think its off, so be careful! This car has to go zero-sixtey in under ten seconds. Its faster than a lot of other cars that are like it. You can steer it in any direction with one hand, its that easy! Can it stop fast? You BETCHA! Its quick to go from fast to stop at any speed. The 4 cylinder will give you gas mileage happiness. It gets 24/32. This is above average. Save your money with this!

If you want a car priced good, this is it. The warrenty is good. Actually its better than anyone else's. 100000 miles is a long time. Most cars don't have that high of a number. Purchase this, and get groceries.The trunk is huge! The warranty is too, so there will be plenty of trips to the grocery store.

Product Rating: 5.0
Recommended: Yes 

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